June 22nd – 29th 2018. Price: €450

The participants in the Week with the Wild are ready for travel and connection with the wild parts of our world within and without, willing to try new things, open to the possibility of authentic community, awakening to undiscovered parts of the Self, ready for child-like play and remembering joy. This week is about being together, holding each other up, being real, enjoying each other, and connecting to the earth. The men and women who are meant to be there are feeling the calling and will be there. Carried by an inner knowing, they feel a sense of trust that whatever is for them in this experience will show up.

Set in the wild and magical forest landscape of Anilio, this is an opportunity for each participant to explore the wildness within and the wildness without through an authentic and organic community building and community living experience.

Participants will co-create this experience as the week progresses based on the needs and desires of the group. In addition to participating in and contributing to the regular rhythms of the Anilio Spiti Ton Kentavron (STK) Center through preparing and sharing communal meals and caring for the grounds and the gardens, we will also hold regular circles and community building activities.

Activities may include: calling in the directions, peer-facilitated groups and processes, exploring different archetypes, connection to nature, storytelling, clearings, bodywork, singing, dancing, hikes, waterfall trips, and countless other possibilities.

If you are interested in a vacation that includes time on amazing beaches but also rare opportunities for connection with people through community building and self-exploration, this is the week for you!

All of you is welcome here!

€450 cost includes participation in all community activities, three vegetarian meals per day (except one night out at a local taverna), and accommodation in a triple or quad room. You can pay extra for a single or double room or a little less for accommodation in a tent on site.

A Week with the Wild
with Corey Tyler Larsen, Amy McKinnon and Ben Gaddes
June 22nd – June 29th 2018 at the Anilio Campus
Price:  €450