June 9 -16th

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This Art therapy retreat combines Meditation, Yoga, and Painting surrounded by Mother Nature.
I offer a unique approach to art therapy that combines both the technical and spiritual aspects
since each painting we make tells us something of where we come from, where we are and
what remains to be done to reach the goal of the SELF.

Art therapy


My role is to encourage you to express what words cannot. Images can give clues to answers to the
many challenges and problems that life throws up. Through the colors and shapes that appear on
the canvas in front of you art can become a meeting with your higher SELF

The purposes of an art retreat

To put you in touch with the power of your own creativity and to free it in every sphere of life.
To help dismantle any negative thoughts you have about artists that can be inhibiting you from
expressing your own creative force freely.
To provide you with an awareness about any self-destructive behaviors you may still be holding onto,
and to see more clearly what the impediments to removing them may be.
To identify and celebrate your desires and dreams and to formulate a plan to accomplish them.
To demonstrate the link between spirituality and creativity.










Who Can Come?

Anybody with interest in yoga, meditation, art, personal growth. It is not necessary to have any
prior experience in any of these fields. Beginners as well as intermediate and advanced seekers
and art lovers—all are welcome, and all will benefit.

What can keep us from being creative?

Conditioning, family, friends, educators may discourage us from expressing our creativity. On a
social level, blocked creative energy can manifest as self-destructive behavior. Conversely, as we
become more creative, negative expressions such as anger, co-dependence, self-hindering habits
and depression tend to melt away.

The Programme

7:00 – 7:30 Early meditation (optional)
7:45 – 8:30 Hatha Yoga Asanas  (optional)
9:30 – 1:30 (lunchtime) Art Therapy Sessions
First, playing with colors to connect and express unconscious on paper. This is objective
abstract step. Then, seeing and painting images in a realistic way. This is a subjective realistic step.
Lastly, analysis, trying to make a link between the painting and the life of the person.
Gestalt approach, reflecting writing, natural materials, collage, mandalas and music will all be used
to help the process.