July 27th – August 3rd ’18

Natures Dance: Dance Movement Therapy with Vicky Karkou and Angeliki Bitzaraki 

For a fifth consecutive time, we will use principles from Dance Movement Psychotherapy to explore:
Nature’s Dance

Prof Vicky Karkou (Edge Hill University), Honorary Doctor of Medicine (Riga Stradins University, Latvia)
Angeliki Bitzaraki, Social Anthropologist, Group Facilitator (Non-Directive Interviewing Approach (NDI), Dance Movement Psychotherapist (MSc)


This will be a week informed by principles of dance movement psychotherapy that will
encourage participants to explore aspects of ourselves and relational patterns in particular.
We believe that our bodies are in constant movement offering volumes of information about
who we are, how we are, how we feel and think and how we relate or want to relate with others.

But, the moving body is not always listened to.
This will be a week-long journey into the natural dance of ourselves.
We will allow for an active natural presence and deep connections with our bodies.
We will offer opportunities for empathic engagement, enabling the discovery of ways of being with groups that are supportive and empowering.

We will bring awareness to our presence as inseparable from nature.

The facilitators are qualified Dance Movement Therapists. They will bring their knowledge, experience and training aiming to facilitate personal growth.

Contact for more information:
tel: 0030 697 213 1847
email: abitzaraki82@yahoo.com
The workshop has a limited number of participants, book in advance
Workshop language: Greek and English (with parallel translation if needed)

Dance Movement Therapy
with Vicky Karkou and Angeliki Bitzaraki
July 27th – August 3rd 2018 at the Anilio Campus
Price:  €450  €382.50 *

* 15% Earlybird discount is available for bookings received no later than 18th May 2018.
Secure your place with €100 deposit (Earlybird pricing will be confirmed in your welcome email).