A Yoga Holiday with Miranda White

August 10th – 17th @ €495

Miranda White has been teaching yoga for 15 years, as well as teaching mindfulness in schools, and is a shiatsu practitioner and “Inner dance” facilitator. The style of yoga is one of a slow flow, where there is time to abide in each posture and engage in the movement in-between. The movement through the vinyasa is coordinated with the breath with the attitude of mindfulness so that we pay attention to detail. She teaches yoga as a moving meditation and incorporates the principles of ahimsa (non harming) of yoga and maitri (loving kindness) of Buddhism, interwoven with a more contemporary psychology of the chakras.

Living out on a hill in the Worcestershire countryside with her daughters, three dogs and three horses, Miranda has a deep connection to the elements of nature. The ancient yogis were inspired by nature and many of our contemporary yoga postures contain the essence of animal or tree. In this workshop, we will explore the elemental nature of our being. Using the ancient wisdom of the chakras and our personal identification with the elements in our lives, we will have a wonderful holiday feeling and sensing into our elemental nature.

Yoga sessions will start after breakfast finishing at lunchtime to provide plenty of time to adventure into the greek landscape in the afternoon. We will gather for a community meal in the evening. Living in a community gives us a chance to action loving kindness and ahimsa in day to day living which is where the great of gift of yoga is to the world.


Elemental Being
with Miranda White
August 10th – August 17th 2018 at the Anilio Campus
Price:  €495