A workshop facilitated by Sabine Schröpel and Michael Gale
10th -17th September €480

A playful week of exploring your creativity through painting, mark making, collage and drawing in a beautiful surrounding.

Our workshop will enable you to experiment with a wide range of art materials, find playful ways into your creative potential, work with others and get inspired to take your own artistic endeavours forward.

The artwork we produce together often surprises. It comes about through our letting go of preconceived ideas, standards or expectations about a finished product.

We allow ourselves to really play with art materials, explore their qualities and the infinite ways of applying paint and ink to a surface.
Anyone can do this regardless of previous art experience, all one needs to bring is a willingness to experiment.

We explore quietly together in a supportive space which engenders spontaneity, discovery and fun.

Our experience is that group work such as this can lead to a positive impact on well-being, a lessening of stress as well as much joy and discovery.

Each morning begins with a group check-in with each other, a resume of our work, the sharing of ideas, and an introduction to a new art process. Being based at Anilio we are blessed with stunning places in which to work. Dried up river beds, water falls, beaches and forests allow for observation, collecting and working from and on nature itself.

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” C.G. Jung

As experienced facilitators we are sensitive to each person’s needs, so the themes for our art-making may arise from the group, an individuals own process or from the rich and inspiring land and seascapes around us.

As a group we work together for 4 hours each morning, so afternoons and evenings provide plenty of time for you to relax, go walking in nature, join community activities, and enjoy the beautiful beaches. There are plenty of opportunities for participants to get to know each other as well as the community in the two days proceeding the workshop, and we encourage a longer stay once we have completed allowing for reflection and more discoveries in the Pilion mountains and coastline.

Feedback from previous participants:

“Wonderful materials provided to work with and great suggestions what to do with them. A really relaxing treat of a week in the sunshine.“
Christine from the UK, Artist and Therapist

“No need to feel daunted if you are a complete beginner – Michael and Sabine were brilliant at bringing out my creative spark and making it all feel fun.“
Mark from the UK, Doctor

“Thank you so much for a week of creativity. I felt so absorbed and came away feeling so nourished – working alongside you all was a blessing and I felt I belonged among artists! Pleased to say I continued in the artistic zone, did lots of sketching and playing and created new pieces.“
Rozzie from the UK, Consultant for Creative Enterprises

For further details about this workshop, please contact us:

Experimental Painting and Drawing Workshop
with Sabine Schröpel and Michael Gale
September 10th – September 17th 2018 at the Anilio Campus
Price:  €480  €408 *

* 15% Earlybird discount is available for bookings received no later than 2nd July 2018.
Secure your place with €100 deposit (Earlybird pricing will be confirmed in your welcome email).