August 3rd – 10th ’18

Price: €350 (£290) per week

Family Community Holiday for Single or Coupled Parents

with Maria McCarthy

This family community holiday will be a week of arts and crafts with friends old and new. This is family time in the broadest sense, welcoming both children and adults to a creative community holiday with plenty of time for relaxation and enjoying the beautiful Pelion beaches. There will be lots of opportunities to work on the land, rest in hammocks and walk on the ancient donkey tracks through the forest to the sea, ravines and neighbouring villages. We will be based in the heart of the Pelion Mountains, traditionally the home of the centaurs (half man, half horse) and particularly Chiron – or Kheiron – the wounded healer and first among centaurs, whose name means ‘skilled with the hands’. Come to take stock, unwind and create.



Children aged 4-7 are charged at 25% adult fee – €87.00 euros/£72.50
Children aged 8-12 are charged at 50% adult fee – €175.00 euros/£145.00

(Standard shared accommodation or tent and 3 meals per day included)

Each day we will begin with a morning gathering and unfold a series of artistic and craft activities in response to the needs of the group. These might include building a bread oven or making shaving horses, from which we can carve items such as bowls and spoons from the native walnut and cherry trees. We also like to work and play with colour, using paint and techniques of dry and wet felting to create beautiful objects.

Here is a taste of our “menu” of possible activities:

wet on wet painting, veil painting, wet and dry felting, quilling, environmental art, home-made plasticine and pastels
willow basket making, green woodworking, creating shaving horses in preparation for building yurts at another workshop
constructing a bread oven
drama, storytelling, creative writing, puppet-making

All ages are very welcome to be part of this community holiday experience– children, parents, whole families, parts of families, friends, individuals and young people.

The family of today is often fragmented, constantly struggling under the pressures of complexity and survival in the fast-paced technological age. Working, playing, learning and sharing together we experience how we can come together as humans and live happily and sustainably, helping to build a world where living our own truth counts and where we reconnect deeply and meaningfully with the natural world, of which we are an integral part. Our daily creativity will grow into a celebration of dance, music, art and writing leading us on to take up the reins of our lives deeply nourished and rested. There are also opportunities to join in Meditation, yoga and walking activities.