23rd June – 3rd July 2017

Healing, Creative Art Retreat

800 for 10 days /Book before end of March for 20% discount: €640

During this Healing and Creative Art Retreat and Community Holiday you will be provided with daily yoga, painting sessions, pottery at the beach, dance sessions and trips to wonderful waterfalls in the forest, and pretty mountain and fishing villages. You have no commitments but no end of opportunities to enjoy activities and connect with other like minded people. The centre is run as a community based on the Findhorn model and everyone lives, learns and plays together.

A forest healing and creative art retreat and community holiday exploring our human essence, inner process and how to embrace change.

This retreat is designed to offer a space for rest, embodiment, creative replenishment and meaningful relating with others. At a time when validating our human experiences, integrating the light and shadow, and enhancing our sense of being connected is increasingly vital to our spiritual wellbeing, we all need these spaces in our lives for reflection, deep dialogue and personal connection.

In an environment where nature, silence, body and relationship are our teachers, we are reminded to honour who we are, our differences and similarities. We are reminded of what roots us to the earth; where we find nourishment and strength; how we can uncover new ways to reach out into the world around us, as community, as creative collaborators in the ebb and flow of life. Through the skilled facilitation of four practitioners (see biographies below), this is an encouragement to slow down so you can look inside, breathe and find the questions you are asking at this time. How can we be more at ease with radical change? Where is the balance between softening and holding boundaries, being strong and being vulnerable? What happens when we give ourselves permission to turn around or to go more wholeheartedly in the direction we are already going in?

Every disconnect we feel is gap between the self we really are and who we imagine ourselves to be. Through practice we can realign to our centre and begin the pilgrimage of travelling from where you are to where you want to be.

“How does one become a butterfly?” she asked. “You must want to fly so much you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”

 gabi-picture-tree-of-life  Tree of life by Doan Trang

The practices for this Healing and Creative Art Retreat will be:

– Scaravelli-based yoga-movement with meditation

– Experimental painting, mark making and drawing

– Reflective group dialogue sessions using the language of life-coaching

Each day will follow a gentle structure to enable you to journey into a process with a small supportive group, whilst experiencing the warm community atmosphere of Anilio and the exquisite beauty of the Pelion.


The daily structure of this Healing and Creative Art Retreat will look something like this:

– Early morning meditation (optional)

– Morning yoga session (optional)

– Breakfast

– Workshop session – (group dialogue, creative art-work or yoga-movement)

– Lunch

– Free time (lifts to and from local beaches, time to oneself, walks in the forest)

–  Evening session – (art, singing, reflective writing or meditation)

– Supper

– Occasion evenings 5- Rhythms based dance, plus talks, films and workshops