“Heart of the Centaur – A Journey into Being”

A Healing and Creative Art Retreat

Sept 1st – 10th

€800 (10 nights)/Book before end of March for 20% discount: €640

We invite you…To breathe in the beautiful landscape…To find rest and rejuvenation…To connect with yourself and others.

During this healing and creative art retreat you will be provided with daily yoga sessions, opportunities to dance, paint and sing; engage in a variety of workshops; go to the beach, visit waterfalls, mountain and fishing villages.



Through mindfulness, nonviolent communication, Biodanza, dream and voice work,  we provide a variety of activities to support you in:

  • Listening to your inner wisdom and recognising the language of the body.
  • Reconnecting with stillness.
  • Rediscovering your creativity and potential.
  • Embracing balance and gain more awareness of how to stabilise yourself in the busy-ness of life.
  • Practicing gratitude and intentional living.

…There will be plenty of free time to explore your surroundings, relax in a hammock, swim in the sea, or read a book.


Accommodation and food

Accommodation will be at Kalikalos campus Anilio – also known as Spiti ton Kentavron (translated as the house of the Centaur). It is set in the middle of the forest of Mount Pelion, and hiking (or car) distance from the sea. There is basic clean and comfortable camping, dorm and shared room accommodation.  3 delicious vegetarian meals are offered every day.


Intentional Community and Holding Space

The retreat will be held by  Tracy Seed and Judith Grob, residential (workshop) leaders and the volunteers present on campus; who give their time freely, to experience working and living in an intentional community based on the Findhorn model (www.findhorn.org). As a participant, you are part of the community, and will also join in with some chores (like gardening, cleaning, cooking) as well.  We live, learn and play together!