AUGUST 11 -18

Inner Wisdom Healing with Lorena Granata and Kasia Sikora

The Inner Wisdom Healing Workshop sessions will give you insights to your personal freedom and power, will help you develop your intuition and your innate ability to be your own healer.

We are very happy to be returning for our fifth year to the Pelion Centre with a exciting Higher Wisdom Healing program. We offer you daily workshops which have been designed to honor you and give you a deeper understanding of where you are on your transformational cycle.


The Pelion Centre creates a supportive and safe environment for you to participate and learn simple and natural techniques which will help you clear resistance and emotional blockages from your past, people and situations. You will discover how to become a conduit to channel Universal healing energy into every cell of your body, clear vows and soul contracts, release your emotional blockages and resistances from people, situations and your past. All of which will aid you in moving forward in your life and creating the life you want to live.

We will share with you a few amazing Theta Healing techniques, show you the benefits of Family Constellations and how to create your own Personal Ceremony. You can join us in daily Meditations and Breathwork and experience deep healing and Rebirthing in the beautiful blue Aegean Sea.

Inner Wisdom Healing will shift the way you look at the world and life, show you how energy at its pure level creates a life of limitless possibilities. All energy has a consciousness, it is infinite, universal, all inclusive. When experienced at a pure level this state of consciousness is expansive, non-judgmental and unconditionally loving. Participant in our Higher Wisdom Healing workshops leave feeling grounded, peaceful and connected to their divine wisdom.

Inaddition to being part of this deep and powerful workshop you will be enjoying a community holiday in a chestnut forest close to the sea. As part of the community holiday experience you can also enjoy yoga, meditation and walking as well as spending plenty of time at the beach.

For more information call Lorena…Tel 07984959244 or email