Inviting intimacy into your life

September 2nd – September 9th 2018

A workshop with Charlotte McLaughlin for people wanting to experience richer relationships, deeper intimacy and more joyful connection in their lives.

Price: €575

This workshop was fully booked in 2017, so early booking is recommended!

Intimacy is the doorway to meaningful connections and loving relationships.

This introductory week-long workshop for singles and couples invites you to discover yourself more fully and awaken your potential in relationship with yourself and others.

Join us in this area of outstanding natural beauty for a week of replenishment, soul nourishment and learning about love, connection, intimacy and relationships.

During the week we will journey together, moment by moment, to meet ourselves and one another with what is real, and beyond the masks that we so often interact within. You will be invited to feel into your natural desires, explore your boundaries, express your wants and needs, learn to ask for what you want, and love yourself more fully.

During the week you will meet and connect with others in a safe and nourishing space, whilst gaining awareness and valuable tools to take back into your life.

This experiential workshop will include meditation, dance, embodied movement, conscious touch, enquiry, group process, creative exploration, ritual and nature connection.
Using simple guided structures and processes, you will be gently guided home into connection with yourselves, experiencing the totality of being you. From here it is then possible to deepen into intimacy with others and with life. The focus of this workshop is relational intimacy.

The Pelion region is an area of outstanding natural beauty. With the mountains, sea and lush vegetative landscape around us we will be able to use nature to support us in dropping more deeply into connection with ourselves. When we awaken our senses, we awaken our capacity to feel and experience sensuality and life. Connecting to the beautiful natural environment around us will support the process.

Charlotte will be assisted on this workshop by Heiko Geritzmann and assisting team.


How Will the Week Be Structured?

During the week, we will work individually, in pairs, small groups, and as a larger group. There will be a balance of personal exploration and group interaction.

Workshops take place every morning and on some evenings, leaving plenty of time for relaxation, respite and integration in the afternoon. The surrounding area is stunning, so participants often choose to go off exploring or just surrender into deep relaxation by the sea.

Who is this workshop for?

• Singles or couples wanted to explore relational intimacy or just get to know themselves better!
• Anyone who wants to feel more vibrantly alive, creative and empowered in their life
• Anyone wanting to experience more richness and depth in their intimate relationships
• Anyone who hasn’t been in a relationship for some time
• Anyone wanting to connect, play and create in a community of like-minded open-hearted people
• Anyone in need of the replenishment and soul nourishment that this workshop combined with community experience and holiday in a beautiful location will provide


What will I get from this workshop?

• Experiencing yourself as more vibrantly alive
• An increased ability to communicate your desires, needs, and boundaries – in any form of relationship
• Connection to your sensuality and an increased awareness of who you are are as a sensual being
• Deepened connection to your body and feelings
• The capacity to be more real with yourself and also with others
• A sense of what is possible in your current or future relationship
• Increased self-acceptance
• A sense of empowerment in being able to step back into your life and relationships with a new vision, clarity, and tools


What does Charlotte say about this week:

“This venue is one of my favourite places to work. Anilio is a very special place, nestled in the forest, with beautiful deserted beaches nearby. It’s the perfect container to be able to drop deeply into connection with ourselves…

….My passion is supporting people to heal, grow and thrive in their lives, and find the courage to express their true unique potential in all areas of their lives – including their sexuality and creativity. Ultimately the work I offer is about freedom; being free to express and live the fullest versions of ourselves. My belief and experience is that when we find the courage to do this, the rewards are boundless.”

Though this workshop is complete in itself, it serves as an introduction to the work of Jan Day and the School of Being. Please see for further info on trainings.


What do previous participants say about working with Charlotte:

“Charlotte’s holding and depth allowed me to find new confidence in myself – I opened to feeling really connected to other people in the group, and as a result felt so accepted for who I am. I took away a feeling of joy which quite literally lifted my soul. Charlotte’s presence and gentle invitation helped me to expand my limitations of who I thought I was.” Louise, teacher, Bristol

“Charlotte’s presence is healing. Her curiosity, open-mindedness and passion for the human experience not just allowed my feelings to be validated, but also cherished, as though they might be a gateway to something wonderful. She is honest and faithful; with genuine talent for the human transformation process. ” Paul M, Liverpool, England

“Charlotte and her course was honestly amazing. It opened within me a window to be able to see myself more clearly and honestly. Returning to the UK I had a renewed and awoken sense of myself. I’d experienced a deeper more honest confidence which I was able to believe in and act upon. 5 months on and I still hold those feelings which continue to enhance my work and life. Thank you so much.” Claire, Leeds, child counsellor


Love, Sex and Relationships
withCharlotte McLaughlin
September 2nd – September 9th 2018 at the Anilio Campus
Price:  €575  €525 *

* A €50 earlybird discount is available for bookings received no later than 18th June 2018.
Secure your place with €100 deposit (Earlybird pricing will be confirmed in your welcome email).


For further details about this workshop, please contact:

Telephone: +447958358401