June 29th – July 6th ’18


Learn to Massage Training for Couples, Singles or to Refresh and learn new techniques with Cathy Alderson

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the mind has struggled with in vain”

In this massage training you will learn Therapeutic bodywork treatments each day, with afternoons spent relaxing on the beach.

Come and join me for a weeks exploration into the healing powers of Massage, Bodywork and Therapeutic Touch.
You will be led on a journey discovering the healing powers that lie deep within you allowing you to develop a sense of touch and ways to heal and help others ( along with receiving some great treatments to bring inner freedom and awareness)
This is a fun and informative course where you will learn different styles of massage integrating techniques drawn from Holistic and Indian Head Massage, Hand Reflexology, Japanese Facial Rejuvenation, CranioSacral Therapy and Myofascial Release .
The workshop is specially designed for anyone who enjoys Massage and fun in the sun with like minded people living a holistic lifestyle . Designed to either learn new techniques, improve existing skills, and guide you to the powers of massage and therapeutic touch.




Massage Training

The techniques are easily learnt through brief demonstrations, plenty of hands on practise and one to one guidance enabling you to use your new found skills straight away. You will learn to deepen your awareness and develop a listening touch. Long flowing movements are taught alongside gentle stretches to soften muscles, relax the body and to enhance the free flow of life force energy.
The healing benefits of massage have been well documented for many thousands of years and recent scientific research confirms that massage reduces stress levels by reducing cortisol levels and increases levels of endorphins, whilst boosting the immune system and creating a sense of calm and balance.
Typical day at Kalikalos:
0730 – Optional Early morning stretch, Qigong, Yoga or Tai Chi
0800 – Morning sanctuary meditation
0830 – Buffet Breakfast
0945-1330 Therapeutic Workshop Session
1330 –  Lunch  – Beach/Free time
1800 – 1-1 private sessions with leader ( optional )
2000 – Dinner ( 20:30 on Fridays)
2045 Dinner clean-up (Kalma yoga)
2130 – Healing Circle / Sharing / Pub

Flights are available from London or Manchester to Volvos ( the nearest city ), Skiathos ( the nearest island with a short boat transfer ), Thessaloniki or Athens.

Please call me on 07970 -619744 for any further details. I hope you can join me in August.


Myofascial Release is somewhat different to traditional forms of massage or body work. It is a safe and effective hands-on technique that involves gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue to eliminate pain and restore motion,

It is believed that many people who suffer from pain, dysfunction and lack of mobility may have Myofascial restrictions.

The John F Barnes Myofascial Release Approach and CranioSacral Therapy are a hands on treatment that can be applied to any part of the body to deal with tension, tightness and pain.

It allows the body to re-organise itself, removing restrictions, freeing up tension creating a more mobile, flexible and pain-free body.


Just beneath your skin lies a complex network of tough connective tissue that spreads throughout the body in a 3-dimensional web called Fascia.

From a functional point of view, fascia is regarded as a continuous sheet, like a 3Dimentional body stocking that extends without interruption from the top of the head to the tip of the toes. Because fascia permeates all regions of the body and is denser in some areas than others, when it hardens it can create pain, tension, pressure and restrictions in area that appear to be unrelated to the original complaint.

Fascia is a stretchy mesh like substance, filled with micro-tubules of fluid, that interweaves through the body and acts like a fibre-optic information network, bathing each of your cells with energy, light, sound, nutrition, oxygen, biochemicals, hormones . It surrounds and penetrates every muscle, bone, blood- vessel, organ and nerve right down to cellular level.


Accident, Injury, Trauma( emotional or physical), habitual bad posture, stress, inflammation or repetitive patterns can cause the Fascia to bind down and stick, creating abnormal pressure on pain sensitive areas, nerves, muscles, bones and organs resulting in pain, dysfunction and lack of movement.


MFR is a hands-on therapy applied to the skin with the gentle application of sustained pressure by the therapists’ hands, gently stretching the skin and sinking in, which in turn allows a softening and melting of the ground substance, a gel like liquid crystal within the fascial network. Rehydrating the Fascial system increases space and mobility so the cells can breathe and function properly increasing vitality.

In addition to the massage training you will be on a community holiday with opportunities to join in Meditation, yoga and walking in addition to other offerings and plenty of beach time.