August 24th – 31st ’18



This Polyphonic Singing workshop will be a holistic experience and requires the full participation of body,mind and spirit.

Within a friendly environment we will have the opportunity to discover the full potential of our voice and reconnect with the music nature that exists within us all,right from the moment we are born.

Through games and experimentation and in an atmosphere of absolute acceptance and encouragement we will be able to express and live polyphonic singing also as a way of sharing,expressing and coexisting.


Participants will explore different expressions of polyphonic singing.We are also going to work with voice experimentation and sound production individually and within a group.

We will explore breathing as well as the space that takes in our body and how this awakes different sounds and voice.


Through specific exercises,playfulness and interactive games the group will observe how both the external and “internal” environment affects our voice.

With improvisation we are going to synchronize our voice with the voice that the group creates.

At last, the group will have the opportunity to learn different kinds of greek and international traditional polyphonic songs and thus acquire deeper understanding of the magic of participating in polyphonic singing.


Contact for more information

Anni Ntoumouzi: Tel: 0030 6938123144