Anni Ntoumouzi graduated from the Music School in Thessaloniki.She then studied acting and now works as a professional actress.Since then she has worked for numerous theatre companies including National Theatre of Northern Greece.She has participated in many seminars related to theatre and voice and also she has taken vocal lessons.

She works in Theatre in Education and gives lessons of theatre games in children and teenagers.

She has been a member in various choirs for 13 years.Since 2009 she is very active with polyphonic singing and she has gathered different polyphonic songs from all over Greece.

Her enthusiasm about polyphonic singing makes her study and work with voice and singing within a group and how from each group a new song emerges.

These days she is a member of two polyphonic groups Apotheri and Fones.The first  one focuses in traditional songs around Greece and the second one focuses in songs from all over the world .With both groups she has travelled in Greece and abroad spreading the magic power polyphonic singing.