Erato Altoka has been engaging with music from an early age. She acquired a classical piano degree in 2010, studied classical harmony and has been a member polyphonic choirs for several years. Due to her Epirotic descent (Ioannina, Greece) she has been involved in traditional singing from her early childhood but was additionally trained in polyphonic singing in Athens Conservatory, participating in several musical and singing performances in Greece. Passionate about psychology and children, determined to reconnect people with music through different, creative, interactive and holistic approaches, she engaged with Orff music approach and completed a three-year postgraduate course in Music and Dance Pedagogy in Athens. She has completed training courses in Psychopedagogy and Ethnomusicology at the University of Athens while being a postgraduate in Science from Trinity College Dublin. She has attended training workshops in theatrical play, music and drama therapy and is a member of the traditional polyphonic group “Apotheri”.

She currently works with children as a music teacher in the private sector.