August 11th – 18th


Tai Chi Meditation Retreat and Community Holiday with Françoise Poutays

Synchronise Body and Mind . . .with Françoise

Tai chi and the complementary Qigong practice are meant to cultivate the subtle energy that bridges and synchronises body and mind. These techniques originate in ancient Daoism and the Tai chi forms are designed around the transformation of yin and yang as phenomena. The creative process that occurs in the transformation underlies all living phenomena. Francoise has been leading this Tai Chi Meditation Retreat and Community Holiday for 13 years.


The practice enables us to identify these yin and yang principles within our body and to experiment with the subtle creative process at work behind their transformation.

We can exercise either to meditate or to improve our health. As we trace the creative, transforming and healing process going on in ourselves we can assume responsibility for our well-being. Through this comprehensive practice we become able to apply the creative, transforming and healing functions of Dao to our lives.
Our senses are witnessing the active qi process going on beyond the self and are drawn to enter and bathe in the infinite river of chi (qi), or Dao, the creative process underlying life itself.
Tai chi is the art of opening up, leaving the ego behind and experiencing in every single second the process of creation occuring within and outside ourselves.


We will begin early in the morning with one hour of Qigong practice. We will follow on later in the morning with one hour dedicated to Qigong teaching and one hour dedicated to Yang-style Tai chi (long form). In the afternoon we will focus on Tai chi meditative practice.

Prior experience with Tai chi is welcome but not necessary, as individual instruction is given to each participant.

In addition to being part of a Tai chi meditation retreat you will be on a community holiday where you can also enjoy yoga, walking and many other offerings.


Francoise also has trained in medical Qigong and acupuncture.

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