June 16th – 23rd

450/ 15% discount if booked before March 31st 

Conscious Touch – Introduction to Living Tantra and Community Holiday 

With Uma Laurence Clapdorp

 “To touch is to give life” said Michelangelo.

Physical touch is a vital aspect of our life, health and communication. This introduction to Living Tantra workshop incorporates conscious touch. Touch can emulate learning abilities, enhance bonding, create a sense of belonging and safety as well as generate better health and well-being. Touch is also a direct way to communicate emotions and particularly positive emotions like love and compassion.

Yet, through the effect of personal circumstances, past trauma, lack of self-love or simply society codes, many of us find it difficult to meet those needs with getting the full range of satisfying and nurturing touch.


During this one-week Living Tantra nature retreat, we’ll immerse ourselves into a gradual journey, following the Living Tantra path with practices mainly inspired by The School of Being:

Inviting sensuality – the realm of the Body:
Allow yourself to feel. Receive the information from your body of all the sensations coming to you and how it is touching you. Enjoyable, voluptuous, energising, tingly, laughter creating, ecstatic, relaxing, soft, or unpleasant, scratchy, unwanted… be curious of what it might tell you. And feel how much more aware of yourself you’ve already become.

Inviting intimacy – the realm of the Heart:
Allow yourself to know and share yourself. Intimacy starts within, from acknowledging what is happening, letting yourself be touched by your experience, daring to be vulnerable and communicating from that place. Get to know and assert your Yes and No, to give and receive authentically. This courageous way of being will create deeper connections and increase trust, which in turn are necessary ingredients for safety and respected boundaries.

Inviting Playfulness – the realm of the Spirit:
Allow yourself to be spacious and light. Live your experience fully. Be curious about the places you get stuck, the patterns already visited, the hidden parts and challenge yourself, knowing that every experience is a window to a new awareness, trusting the process of living guiding us.


The perfect balance between a deep workshop and an exquisitely resourcing community holiday.

We will start the day with an early morning practice, taking the time to get into our body, and open up our sensory awareness and emotional awareness.

After breakfast, we’ll have a whole morning session to explore different pathways individually, in partnership and in group. 

In the afternoon, there will be free time, for you to do just as you please.  

Whether you choose to rest or play by the sea, take a walk, write or just ‘be’ quietly with yourself, this time will allow a deeper integration of your experience, away from the usual demands and habits of home.


As part of the Living Tantra retreat, I will offer a short 20-minute private session to each participant, that will be scheduled outside of the morning sessions. Early evenings and afternoons are also available if you want a complementary individual 1-1 session with me.

As resident of the Kalikalos community, we’ll be invited to take part in  some light daily tasks, like washing up our plates, helping with meals or tend the gardens.

After dinner, we might have some extra activity or just free time, according to what will be offered in the centre.


In the afternoon, there will be free time, for you to do just as you please.  

Whether you choose to rest or play by the sea, take a walk, write or just ‘be’ quietly with yourself, this time will allow a deeper integration of your experience, away from the usual demands and habits of home.


Workshop is given in English, with possible translation into French and Italian


What previous participants to my Conscious Touch and Introduction to Living Tantra workshops have said:

 ” Exploring within a safe container… curiosity and awake-ness (…) inquiring into the deliciousness of what it is to Be… alive (…)
Thank you thank you from deep inside.”  Lila Anamika


“The way you give to us was very attentive, benevolent, full of love!” N.Wergifosse


“The retreat with Uma was beautiful, totally and deeply challenging (…). I felt there was space for me to explore myself in a way that I haven’t experienced on other retreats, because of the fluidity and freedom that Uma enabled us to have. (…) I was brought to the extremes of myself, and I am left with a lingering feeling of peace.“ P.Tidd

“I have made contact with gentleness and delicateness: mine and that of the persons who were by my side. I have made contact with their power to move the world and to transform. (From you Uma) I could sense the personal deep synthesis of a large body of experience and knowledge and the on-going research. I enjoyed your light-heart, your humour and your tranquility with us, and your flexibility. ” Giovanna Bonito



The 15th is arrival day with check-in in the afternoon, registration and the welcome meal. From the 16th onwards the workshop takes place until the 21st evening (solstice and leaving celebration). On the last day 22nd, we all bring the centre back to the state it was when we arrived and leave by the end of the morning.


*Prices include workshop plus full accommodation, 3 daily vegetarian meals (except of one night out in a Taverna, generally on Tuesdays). Basic accommodation in shared room, discount for tents, supplement for single room that may be in Anilio or at a nearby accommodation partner. Special discount if you book for 2 weeks! Check out the website to learn about all the other ways you can stay at Kalikalos.