Women’s Week

May 25th – June 1st 2018.

Come and be part of an international intergenerational women’s circle gathering in the beautiful natural bounty of the Pelion peninsula in Greece and receive the deep nourishment and unique power that originates from women coming together in this way.

Spiti ton Kentavron (STK, House of the Centaur), the Anilio campus, a simple Greek country house with its grounds and gardens nestled in chestnut woods in the Pelion mountains not far from the beaches of the crystal Aegean Sea is the perfect place to allow a deeper connection with the rhythms of nature and ourselves as cyclical beings.

The gentle holding and openness of its seasonal community establishes an atmosphere where everybody joins in and becomes part of something bigger.

All this facilitates a safe space in which we can connect with ourselves and the particular spirit of the place.

In this basically open structured week we will be meeting in a circle each morning.

We aim to connect with ourselves on our essential level of soul calling – exploring who we authentically are, how we feel called to what we can contribute to Life from our individual uniqueness.

Within the circle we will co-create a fluid programme of processes and opportunities for us all to experience ourselves both individually and as part of a collective depending on what wants to show.

We will go with the ebb and flow of our circle in tune with the spirit and rhythm of Anilio. We anticipate co-creating a Full Moon Ceremony, sharing simple meditative, relaxation and breath techniques, using sacred play as a way of accessing intuitive deeper wisdom and a variety of creative tools and techniques to embody and clarify our journeying throughout the week.

The deep connection with the power and Beauty of creation and also the depth of these ancient lands imbued with myth and legend will inevitably influence and enhance and inspire our experience.

We hope/intend that this gathering will be a rich experience for each woman and that it will provide a space of deep nourishment, renewal, clarification or strengthening of purpose and soul calling. As facilitators and guardians of the circle we aim to create a safe space where we all can be authentic and in touch with many aspects of our aliveness, inner wisdom and beauty bringing the power of the Sacred Feminine to this beautiful place.

Linda and Andrea have developed a strong friendship and ongoing creative relationship spanning over the past 15 years which was cemented when they co-created the first Midsummer Women’s Camp in 2007, enabling an opportunity for women of all ages to come together and live spontaneously in community without complicated planning but crystal-clear intention requiring only open-heartedness, trust, a willingness to let go of expectations and live in the moment. They have supported and encouraged each other through many transformations and changes, the good and the tough times – this is what women do – and share a deep integrity and lust for life.

Women’s Week
with Linda King & Andrea Bärtig
May 25th – June 1st 2018 at the Anilio Campus
Price: €400

Secure your place with €100 deposit.