May 26th – June 5th

€800/Book before end of March for 20% discount: €640

Yoga, Creative Writing & Arts Retreat with Rebecca Brewin & Beatrix Bliss

During this Yoga and Creative Writing Retreat and Community Holiday you will be provided with daily yoga, writing sessions, pottery at the beach, dance sessions and trips to wonderful waterfalls in the forest, and pretty mountain and fishing villages. The centre is run as a community based on the Findhorn model and everyone lives, learns and plays together.



 Combining the elemental forces of nature, the stillness that comes from connection to the body and tapping into the creative life within, we invite you on a journey into the wild luscious landscapes of the Pelion Peninsular.


This retreat is for people who seek stillness and the potential to simply be.


Immersion – crystal clear water

Stillness – resting into being

Embodiment – dropping into skin

Celebration – life’s simple joys

Expansion – vast open horizon


Over these ten days we will guide you through a gentle daily rhythm of yoga-movement, art and meditation, an embodied journey to receive and replenish; to create and integrate; to play whilst discovering the joy of inner stability and serenity; to listen deeply to yourself and to others; to find silence and solitude in nature through being in the body; we will re-discover the joy of being ourselves in community and celebration of life. From this place we can each begin to re-inhabit the places in our bodies and senses that enable us to re-align with our deepest meaning; to lift the scales from our eyes; to reflect and explore the world again from a fresh place and perspective.


“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.” Meister Eckhart


creative writing

Scaravelli inspired Yoga and Writing with Rebecca Brewin

 These sessions will offer a space to immerse and rest ourselves into gravity, the breath and the spine; the natural landscape and wave of our body’s journey through life. Here we will seek a relational understanding of yoga as a grounding way to ‘bring things together’ in the body and also as a tool to enable things to move apart, re-open; in a body-sense to find new perspectives and orientation. Rebecca’s extensive experience of working with yoga in this way brings reassurance and inspiration to the body. To release and reawaken the life of the spine through gravity is to re-discover a renewed poetic and creative relationship with everything. Here we slowly learn to be ourselves in the deepest and non-self-reflective silence where we begin to find a language of our own, a body-script from which we can write, like putting flesh on the bones of our inner-most words and gesture. As the writing sessions unfold we will investigate how the body and language brings us to encounter thresholds in ourselves, the instinctive processes of change that bring us to enquire at different stages of our journey, what is centre, what am I aligning myself to? Is this supporting my growth, or is something trying to shift?


Exploration of creativity through nature and the body with Beatrix Bliss


There is a creativity that emerges from the centred place of grounding into the body and the feeling of expansiveness of being in a vast, natural landscape. Using a variety of mediums we will tap into this inner creative space and play, create and express with it. Using movement to music, mindfulness-based nature connection, painting and visual arts, we will journey through the different aspects of the human experience. Many people find themselves at Anilio because of a thirst for adventure, a calling to make a soul-journey or pilgrimage, a longing for a deeper immersion in nature, or a chance to simply be, these practices will help us to do just that.



In essence all creative work can become a form of meditation practice.   Readings, poems and stories will be offered throughout the retreat, looking at approaches to mindful listening. However, the rest and stillness of silent meditation practice allows us to embrace these ‘thresholds’ more fully, finding ways to express more from our own centre, and so create a language for the changing world we all inhabit. Space then comes from detaching ourselves from the ego-based meaning we give to things, to allow a different voice to be heard. Simple guidance and instructions will be offered in all meditation sessions.




€800 or €640 early bird before 31st March 2017*

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