Everyday Healing With Bach Flower Essences

23 – 30 June ’18, with Julie Murray, €450, (Kissos)

A Hands-on Experience with the Bach Flower Essences

Most of us have issues in our lives that disturb our happiness and sense of well-being; short-term crises that come up to de-rail us, long-standing conditions, wounds that we deal with in our own individual fashion.

Bach Flower Essences from wildflowersSome of us just cope, others are in denial, others get anxious.  We abide in a flow of changing thoughts, energy levels, activity, and environments day by day. Many niggles are naturally smoothed away and forgotten- thankfully. When they stick with us however, whether physical, mental or emotional they will tend to fester if not dealt with.

The countryside is the perfect environment to learn about Bach Flower Essences; speaking to us of Nature’s abundance, healing beauty and power on many levels.

My job this week is to offer you hands-on experience with the Bach Remedies, to get the ‘feel’ of them. I can introduce you to their potential as tools to assist with change in your life, and perhaps the lives of others. I want you to get to know them, like making a new bunch of friends.

I was fortunate to grow up with the Bach Remedies in my life. I trust them implicitly as loving forces of healing from nature that will not harm you. I like the fact that with my experience I can assist you to understand them, to select remedies etc., but I can never know exactly how they will work with you, because I am NOT you!

The Bach Flower Essences Speak Directly to You

The Remedies speak directly to you, beyond words. It is an intimate process- simple yet profound. Their help works so naturally with you, often a transformation so you just feel better, forget about the issue, and move on in your life.

There is a lot to learn and share. I invite you to be in touch if you want to sign up for this course. Let me know what you really want to learn about, problems you want to tackle. Take a look at my web site that explains a lot about my approach to the Remedies. Once you have booked in I will send some preliminary notes so we can make the best of our week’s journey together.

Bach Flower Essences Kit

The Dr. Bach Flower Essences Kit