Greek Culture and Cuisine with Natalie Di Giuseppe, 24 June – 5 July, 2017  from €600,    (Kissos campus)

Joy of Greek Vegetarian Cookery

Join me in an intimate cooking class and get to the heart of authentic Greek vegetarian food, ingredients, techniques, history and flavours on this vegetarian cookery holiday week in Pelion, Greece.

This culinary program has been designed for lovers of traditional Greek cuisine and all that it represents – the charming medieval village, the centuries old traditions, the people and their culture and of course, the great food and wine!

This is a week dedicated to the secrets and traditions of vegetarian Greek cookery and participants will spend many hands-on hours perfecting the skills of Greek cooking. Learn traditional recipes passed down through the family, worth their weight in gold.


Natalie at serving table

The secret of all Greek cookery are the fresh products, seasonal fruit and vegetables that make the base of all tasty dishes. We will also learn the healing properties of herbs and how to make our own natural cosmetics with whatever is available in the pantry.

The dinner table is the scene of many conversations, debates and decisions; favourite foods evoke happy memories, good health and comfort. The saying that “Mediterraneans live to eat while the rest of the world eats to live” still rings true today.

Confident cooks can increase their repertoire of techniques and recipes whilst those with less experience can learn more basic techniques. Afterwards you’ll taste each sensational dish by sitting down to a casual Greek food feast. You won’t feel hungry after a Greek cooking class! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey and immersion therapy.

Kali Oreksi! (Bon Appetit!)

Enrique with vegetarian meal


One evening in the week we will invite our local Greek neighbors to join with us for mezedes. The meal that evening will be part of our yearly open day when our patio becomes a taverna where the locals get a chance to meet us and learn a bit about the Kalikalos Centre and its mission and vision of a sustainable world through authentic community.



P.S. Full written recipes will be provided and participants will be presented with a certificate of attendance.

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