8 – 15 Sept with Ludwig Max Fischer  €500,   (Kissos Campus)

A Myth is a Story That Never Was, but Always Is

This week about the Greek Gods in us is an experiential exploration into how the sacred stories and the timeless myths of ancient Greece can serve as a surprisingly useful tool for the life guidance of the modern person.

There is an Apollo, a Zeus, an Orpheus in every man; an Aphrodite, a Hera, an Athena in very woman. Every life is, in fact, a heroic journey, an Odyssey towards a destiny. So, life is full of unexpected turns, major hopes and disappointments, unimagined opportunities and challenges to be mastered. Different on the surface, our lives are connected by deep similarities, unchanging patterns that underlie our progression as we move through the various stages of life.

Joseph Campbell used to say that everyone needs a “myth to live by“: i.e., a light on the path as we “follow our bliss“. We need heroes and role models to represent our dreams and aspirations. For over 2000 years the Greek myths have given us a wonderful roadmap for guiding, enjoying and learning as we travel through life. The adventures of Odysseus, Heracles, and Theseus inspire us to move beyond our ordinary thinking, to dare to take risks and to see problems as challenges as these heroes did. These stories are partly historical, partly symbolic. They are alive and well in countless movies, theatre plays, novels, in music, advertisements, even in brand names.

Mt Pelion: The Greek Gods’ Playground

The Pelion region of Greece, where this workshop takes place, is particularly rich in ancient mythology. The Pelion abounds in myths and legends that tell powerful stories full of magic and mystery. Pelion is the summer residence of the Olympic Greek Gods, the home of the Centaurs, half human, half horse. The wedding of Peleas and Thetis took place here as described by Homer, Pindaros and Euripides. The legendary Argo set off to Kolchis from here seeking the Golden Fleece with Jason and the Argonauts. The wise centaur Chiron taught the demigods Achilles and Hercules here and Asklipios learned the art of medicine in Pelion from Chiron.

Ludwig Max Fischer on the Greek Gods

Ludwig Max Fischer with brother David Steindl-Rast

In this vibrant, mythical environment we will reconnect with these great stories, feel their presence in ourselves and receive their timeless messages. We will listen deeply, retell these myths and re-enact them in archetypal constellations. We will celebrate them in song and dance, reflect and meditate on them, and find out what the Gods and heroes of ancient times can reveal to each of today for our journey of life.

Join us in this journey of outer and inner explorations. As special guest we will welcome Dr. Dimitris Stavropoulos, founder of the archetypal myth constellation method and head of the Bert Hellinger Institute in Greece.

There are interviews with Ludwig Max Fischer and the writer Andrew Harvey on youTube. My book „Seasons of the Soul“ about the poetry of Hermann Hesse is also available from Amazon.