€475/week or €855 for attending both holistic healing workshop weeks   (Kissos Campus)

Living the right life of your soul (Week 1) 

Soul’s truth fully expressed with pure love can bring about whatever you truly desire in the material world. It can also heal your body and generate fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life. It is therefore important to be able to recognise your own inner truth, love it and see it as having worth in the world, and that is what this holistic healing workshop is designed to teach.

This is not always easy as the free flow of the soul can elicit several types of negative reactions from those who are not flowing theirs. These reactions can range from jealousy (both possessive and destructive) to fear. Those who have separated from their own truth may find themselves feeling worthless when they compare themselves to someone who is radiating theirs. So a sensitive radiator of soul’s truth can come to feel guilty about being so full of happiness and light in the presence of other people’s darkness, pain and feelings of separation.

The intent of this holistic healing workshop is to support you to maintain the flow of your own soul’s truth and follow your own soul’s right path even in the presence of negative energies that have inhibited you in the past. It clarifies the internal signals that help you be sure that you are fully connected with your own truth. This helps you to strengthen your truth by loving it and taking pleasure in it and knowing it is right for you and for others that you  continue to steadily express it regardless of environmental triggers. It helps you to over-ride your habitual reflex reactions to these triggers and replace them with the understanding that you are helping both yourself and others far more by continuing to flow truth than by suppressing it and replacing it with a defensive persona.  It also helps to demonstrate the very real power of individual truth when it is expressed freely and infused with your own love.


Since the intent of this holistic healing workshop is to purify the expression of the soul, we will be eating raw foods throughout as these are enormously beneficial to the cleansing process. My friend Paula who is passionate about the benefits of  raw food  will be in charge of this aspect of the workshop.

The Power of Illusion and its Challenge to the Soul, Week 2

We are here to experience life, to learn about truth and untruth and to master the free flowing expression of our own souls within it. This mastery involves meeting certain challenges, particularly the challenges presented by fear which is a potent stimulus to make us draw back our soul’s truth and develop protective personae to present to the world. We may fear not belonging, we may fear not surviving, we may fear not being loved or being intrinsically alone. We may fear being overwhelmed by the sadness, pain or despair of others.We may fear having no-one to love. We may fear that we can never fulfil the dreams of our souls. Also if we do block any elements of our soul’s truth as a result of these fears we may even end up fearing the rage that can rise up within us whenever we encounter those energies that have triggered that block!

All of these fears can be overcome by choosing soul’s truth. This must be whole truth and must include both the masculine and feminine elements of the soul in their natural harmony and balance. The masculine element of the soul is self-generated creative expression, it is the joy of doing your own thing directly  from within for the pure pleasure and delight of it. The feminine is love for the truth of others. So if doing your own thing ends up upsetting others who are not doing theirs you may well perceive their distress and your feminine may suppress your own masculine. Alternatively the masculine may harden its heart to the feelings of others so that it can continue to do its own thing (and continue being battered by the inner feminine!) So an important part of this week is to bring masculine and feminine into their natural balanced and mutually supportive state, with both expressing pure love in their own particular way.

Fortunately we can meet the challenges presented by inherited and acquired fears by coming to understand what we have within us and using it at its full power. The power of free flowing soul’s truth is after all far greater than the power of any illusion.

In this holistic healing workshop we will be continuing with the raw food diet, but don’t berate yourselves if you find yourself having an unbearable craving for foods that numb your feelings, like wheat and sugar, or for alcohol or cigarettes! It’s ok. It will pass! (Or you can give in and go to the bakery or one of the several delightful tavernas in the village!) Meanwhile we can take the opportunity to look at how you may be using certain foods to shut out unwanted emotions and find out what aspect(s) of your own truth could be brought forward to neutralise that craving.