judith hoad herbalist


Entering my eighth decade, apart from a creak or two, I am in robust health, which I attribute to fifty years of vegetarianism and fresh air!    My landscape painter husband and I reared our three children in country places, all in Celtic countries because we were both Celts.   So I am a Welsh speaker as well as an English speaker…with a smattering of other languages.   Thirty-five years ago my husband and I came to live in the top northwest corner of the island of Ireland.   Now widowed, a grandmother and a greatgrandmother, I live with two elderly cats who sometimes help me when I tend my large vegetable garden.

In my teens I discovered I am allergic to antibiotics and it was this, once I began to have children in my mid-twenties that made me decide to use herbal medicine, in case any of them had inherited my tendencies…which our son did.   Eventually, having qualified to practise Accupressure, I added my herbal knowledge to my practice as and when it appeared to be necessary.   When I ceased to practise, I started to teach, which I continue to do.

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