Mindfulness retreat with Tineke van Reissen

Mindfulness Retreat for Stress Reduction and Self Knowledge     (Kissos Campus)

2 – 9 June 2017                  from €450

This mindfulness retreat is about discovering a way of being that frees us from the suffering of stressful thoughts, emotional pain, depression, lack of energy–indeed anything whatsoever that blocks us from expressing our inherently beautiful and creative nature.

The old negative prints in our brains and our bodies can be reset by discovering new ways of attention, and through the insights that arise when we see how the mind works.  The stress reduction tools we will learn together in the workshop are not difficult to acquire, the only condition is that you must be willing to use them in your everyday life.

‘Suffering’ is the most accurate way to describe the types of problems we experience in our lives, although they go by different names: stress, emotional pain, physical pain, depression, lack of energy, sleeplessness, fears, aggression, loneliness,  negative thinking, and so forth.

Fortunately, there is a way out of such suffering. Mindfulness and the insight it brings are the antidotes, and luckily, these are skills we can all learn. And, like any skill, they are acquired by practicing, rather than hearing or reading about them through the intellect.

Mindfulness training is a kind of universal solvent for suffering because it has been shown to be effective in reducing such a myriad of symptoms including work stress and burnout, negative thinking, ruminating, relapse to depression, chronic pain and the emotional effects of a serious disease, symptoms regarding anxiety and fear, physical symptoms which are stress and tension related such as high blood pressure, psoriasis, fatigue, RSI and insomnia.

Moreover, Mindfulness training also improves the skills to cope with stressful circumstances, to increase energy levels, to develop better concentration (due to less worrying), to set and maintain personal boundaries (due to increased self-esteem), to experience and enjoy the present moment (due to a deeper level of awareness), and to discover and experience more compassion in daily life.

The workshop will include these techniques:

  • guided awareness
  • concentration exercises
  • easy yoga  exercises
  •  sitting and walking meditations
  • a little theory
  • sharing and exchanging experiences, thus increasing awareness  of our patterns.
  • self-Inquiry – – Who am I – – ?
  • here and now practising tools
  • the Inner Lover guided meditations, exploring compassion, enjoyment and  energy           

tineke van Reissen stress reduction

In this workshop we combine a beach holiday with Mindfulness training and tools to discover your Inner Lover. For more information, please fill in the form on the Contact page of my website:  www.innerbalance-training.nl

I look forward to seeing you in Greece!  Tineke van Riessen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Email: