When I was a young girl of 8 I became aware of the falsehoods and contradictions of my parents. There was an unsafe environment with violence and emotional aggression in the family. My response to this was anxiety and depression.

In 1980 I joined a School of practical philosophy called Advaita Vedanta for 8 years. There I made some beautiful discoveries and there I had a transformative experience of Light and Love while cleaning (exercise to be in the here and now) the toilet in the school. I became aware of my actual Me: Love, Energy and Consciousness, and not the identification with the ‘suffering’ Me.

In 1996 I wanted all the trauma I had accumulated in my life to be healed and embarked on a 4 year body orientated Psychotherapist education. After that I did multiple trainings: Primal training, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, Bio-energetic, Tantra, Oedipus  training, NLP, Reiki master, Mindfulness Training for trainers, Advaita Veda, Vipassana meditation and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Now I bring all that background to this week with you in Greece!

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