Living and Loving As Awakeness, 7 – 14 July ’18, from €450  (Kissos Campus)

A Week of Non-duality Meetings

In addition to being great fun, this non duality retreat will consist of a rare opportunity to sit together in a gorgeous setting and an intimate space of deep-rooted Presence-Awareness and radical truth-telling that involves a profound inquiry into whatever appears to be blocking or veiling your inherent mental, emotional, and somatic freedom. Although my approach is deeply rooted in radical non-duality, various schools of Buddhism (particularly Zen), and Jungian psychology, you can have any spiritual or therapeutic affiliation – or none at all – in order to engage in this work with me.

In this non duality retreat I offer a fresh, simple non-dual approach to the evolution of Consciousness for the 21st Century thathonors both the non-evolutionary and the evolutionary paths. Using a variety of modalities and drawing not only from the world’s wisdom traditions but also from mythology, classic literature, music, and visual art, we will spend the week awakening to and embodying the sacred reality of boundless, non-dual Awareness.

When the sense of separation falls away, life is revealed to be what it always was: pure radiation from a dimensionless source of infinite Intelligence and boundless Love. Then the body becomes what it was meant to be: pure, vibrant, flowing aliveness — undivided, undefended sensitivity, innocence, love, affection, and intimacy. The body-mind becomes the faithful servant of the Self/Heart.

michael-non duality-retreat

Instead of falling into a trap of dogmatic fundamentalism, you come to discover that true
realization involves a “not-knowing,” the courage to live free of all conceptual structures, and
a both-and approach to reality: you are both transpersonal and personal and both and neither. You as Consciousness do not evolve and you do evolve and both and neither. You have a capacity to walk the path of wisdom or the path of devotion and both and neither.

Wherever you are on the pathless path, my purpose is to hold space for you and to nurture the development of Consciousness – not the development of the “person.” These meetings take place in Consciousness, are between Consciousness and Consciousness, and are about Consciousness. I do not consider myself an “authority,” nor am I “special” or even a “teacher” to you; I’m simply a mirror made of Love for you to see yourself as you truly are, not as you imagine yourself to be. To use Nisargadatta’s beautiful words, “The consciousness in you and the consciousness in me, apparently two, really one, seek unity and that is love.”

This non duality retreat will emphasize friendship and community, but private sessions will also be available to those who wish to meet with me one-on-one.



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