21– 28 July with Ioannis and Ioanna Dovros  €490,   (Kissos Campus)

Listening to My Body—Psychosomatic Wellness Retreat

In this wellness retreat Ioannis and Ioanna Dovros bring together Pilates and a number of psychosomatic processes combined with a vision to support those wishing to develop themselves in a holistic manner. Ioannis and Ioanna will facilitate each person uniquely to find their own path of motion and balance.

We find psychosomatic problems to be:

Either physical dysfunctions, chronic or periodical, having a clinical background but fired after or during mental stress 

Or emotional disorders, that are installed after a chronic undiagnosed or maltreated physical condition.

We think of psychosomatic symptoms as messages that our body and soul sends us in a sign language we don’t yet understand. We handle psychosomatic personality as a troubled yet gifted being with a story to tell. We deal with psychosomatic problems by a short in time and long in impact therapeutic approach.

self healing group

This Listening to My Body psychosomatic wellness retreat is a seven days combination of Pilates stretching group program and a series of solution oriented group processes for the healing of psychosomatic problems, embodied in the community involvement inspiring environment of Kalikalos at Kissos. It involves morning group sessions from 9:30 to 13:30 that include:

Daily Pilates, QiQong and meridian stretching activation: A whole-body stretching program combined with subtle physical exercise, stretching and mindful breathing, under the healing sun. The program is suitable for all ages, adaptable to the customer’s needs, and forms a mixture of Pilates and QiQong practices, that activate the energy channels of the body, nourish and relax the organs and body systems. Ideal for vitality rise. No previous experience is required.

Daily solution oriented group sessions: A series of group sessions inspired by the approach of systemic psychotherapy and Non Directive Intervention, with an aim to realise the meaning of psychosomatic symptoms and get in touch with the true needs of the organism, in a holistic prospect.

Sing Bowls mindfulness: Meditation and relaxation with the help of sing bowls vibrations that help the body enter a state of deep serenity.


holistic treatment

It is also possible to chart a personalized wellness plan, involving holistic massage, reflexology and other sessions, offered in the mid-day community leisure time (14:00-17:30).

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