20 – 27 July 2019, with Jannie Kieft and Gregory Rouillard , €525   (Kissos)

Embracing Conflict in Community

In the heavenly environment of Mt Pilion we will be students of conflict.

Conflict occurs in every community. It’s a normal experience, everywhere where people live and work together.

In our society we are conditioned to respond to a conflict in a retributive manner. We ask: who did the wrong? We want to do something in return, punish. In such an environment we tend to avoid taking responsibility for our actions, because we fear the possibility that we will be punished. That’s why we tend to move away from the conflict.

council circle


When people unite because of shared ideals, goals and passions, and the community is dear to them, conflict can be very painful.

If a person is forced to leave the community because of conflict there is only loss. The individual looses connection to the community and a source of meaning, the community looses a dedicated member.

A Restorative Circle aims to create an environment in which a different response is cherished. In this response we examine from which human needs our reaction and that of others originated on certain events. In Restorative Circles we see conflict as natural and as an important  source  of information on the wellbeing of the community. Something to move towards to, because we can learn from it.

Dominic Barter developed this way of dealing with conflict in response to the lawlessness in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. The method they came to use was experienced as surprisingly transformative and deeply healing.

 During the week we will focus on:

  • developing awareness of your attitude towards conflicts
  • understanding the meaning and principles of a restorative system
  • practicing the method of Restorative Circles
  • reflecting on the attitude of the facilitator.

 Working Method

Much of the time is spent on practice, in pairs, small groups or with the entire group, so you gradually become familiar with the method and experience what it does. You are asked to reflect in advance on a problem that you would like to introduce.

We will also pay attention to the question of how you can maintain and further develop your skills and reflect on ways to embed it in your community(ties).

We will work in the morning from after breakfast untill lunch. Afternoon is leasure-time: beach, tranquility and enjoying the gorgeous mountain.

For more information please email jk@kieftmediation.nl