Vipassana light retreat with Yoga: Mindful Transitions   (Kissos Campus)

15– 22 September with Mirjam Hartkamp and Sasha Trifkovic  €250 + dana

(See also Mirjam’s retreat with Dr. Henk Barendregt at Alexandros campus earlier in the summer.)

The Buddha teaches: Insight in the transitory and self-less, empty nature of existence brings joy, happiness and compassion. In this Vipassana light retreat with integrated yoga we cultivate mindfulness with a focus on change and transitions. We attentively observe changes in mindstates, breathing pattern, position and changes arround us. We gain liberating insight into our mind and bodily patterns, conditions and transistions, while enjoying a more peaceful and relaxed stance towards ourselves and our surroundings.


Vipassana means insight meditation and generates insight through structured practice of sitting and walking meditation. Walking and sitting meditation will alternate in sessions of 45 minutes. In sitting meditation we cultivate concentration and mindfulness by focusing on the movement of the abdomen caused by breathing, during walking meditation the focus is on the(slowly) moving feet. While concentration and mindfulness rise, the occurence and passing away of many other mental and bodily phenomena may be noticed: Our senses become sharpened and we may even appreciate very subtle changes and transitions; all conducive to liberating and joyous insight!

Both practice and theory are grounded in the vipassana tradition according to Mahasi, following the path of purification that forms the basis of the secular mindfulness movement.


During this retreat yoga will support you in your physical and spiritual practice. The morning session focuses on strengthening, stretching and soothing the body to help it sit and walk. We will use mindfulness of body and breath to stay present and examine transitions. Instead of moving pose to pose, we pause to look at the in-between bits. The attention remains in the body and our physical systems become our object and source of insight.

In the evening ‘yoga nidra’, sleep yoga, will help you relax deeply and prepare for the night. All you need to do is lie comfortably and listen to the instructions. It is a practice of sense-withdrawal, of finding a deep state of consciousness between sleeping and waking. A transition state. You may feel like you fell asleep, but consciousness stays awake and absorbs the meaning.

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