Sasha Triflovik

I am a yoga and assistant-meditation teacher from Amsterdam with British/Dutch/Serbian roots. I found Buddhism through my interest in philosophy at university. Even so, it took a few more years to develop a meditation practice. Eventually I left my 10 year career in the UK Civil Service to follow a more dhammic path, which led me to India and Thailand for several years. In 2013 I dedicated to Dhamma in earnest and have attended many retreats since, culminating in 5 months of solitary self-practice at Suan Mokkh Monastery in Thailand in 2015. In September 2016 I started studying to become a Vipassana meditation teacher.

In India I discovered what a helpful and pleasant practice yoga is and became a teacher. The body can be a hindrance to meditation, or an object, but it can also be a support. I emphasise embodied practice: the body as a steady base for our meditation and exploration of reality.