25 Aug – 1 Sept ’18, €475     Radical Awareness and the Work of Byron Katie (Kissos Campus)

1- 8 Sept ’18, Archetypes, Dreams, Voice Dialogue and NVC. Brand New Workshop with Tamara Alferoff and Tracy Seed. Individual and groupwork, play, experiment, co-create. (Kissos Campus) (Book as community guest for that week to attend. Tuition negotiable.)

Who or what are you, when your mind is free and at rest?

In this week of Self Enquiry, we’ll  engage in honest, intensive Inquiry using The Work of Byron Katie and some Inner Child Dialogue to identify, understand, and question beliefs you may have around relationships, family and friends, parents and children, body issues, others’ behaviour, health and disease, food, death, survival, earth issues, whatever disturbs, saddens and angers you in your life and in the world.

Clear, cleanse, relax, refresh and dive deep in our intensive, fun, and profound work and play together.
You’ve heard of Mindfulness – this is where you’ll find it. This is where you realize that what you were looking for is to be found right here, right now. I can practically guarantee you’ll go home with more love in your heart.

In this mythic location you may find you are simply joy personified, no longer separated by fear, judgments, or projections, and free to unfold in the presence of the love that you truly are. The natural world is our mother and teacher, as we take the inner journey to our truth.

The root cause of suffering is identification with our thoughts. Byron Katie’s Work cuts through the illusion and enables you to know for yourself the timeless essence of your being. Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now.


4 Questions and a Turnaround

We‘ll be working singly, in pairs, and in the group, creating an atmosphere of support, intimacy, and deep spaciousness.

And if you think you have nothing to work on, the sharing of community tasks—cooking together, watering the garden, clearing up—provides plenty of stuff for the mind to chew on: “he should do more, I’m too tired, it’s not fair, they should be quiet”…ad infinitum.

Honest, kind, communication comes naturally when you practise conscious Inquiry, and back home, whenever stress arises, you’ll have a superb tool for living.

Doing The Work can bring laughter and tears as you begin to discover more of your true being. It can become a foundation for living in a more conscious and loving awareness of yourself and your world and a gift you’ll want to share. It is as simple and as powerful as Four Questions and a Turnaround.

This week is equally valuable for those new to, or familiar with, The Work of Byron Katie.

We‘ll have plenty of leisure time in the afternoons for walking in the lovely wooded hills, visiting local villages, playing on the white beaches and in the pristine Aegean, or simply resting, and in the evening a meditation, circle, or individual sessions complete the day. There‘ll be periods of solitude and silence throughout the week.

Some benefits you may experience from the Work of Byron Katie:

  • A relaxed, toned, refreshed body
  • An understanding of what relationships really mean to you
  • Time away from your everyday life
  • More presence and awareness
  • Profound connections
  • A new perception of a kind universe
  • Deeper understanding of self and others
  • New meaningful songs and music
  • New ways to enhance relationships
  • Enjoyment, love and laughter.

Comments from Past Participants

“I cant stop talking about how marvellous a time I had in Greece with you on retreat.” — JB, Oxford

“Something enormous and big happened at Kalikalos with you and all of us in the group sharing and working together each day…the place itself Kalikalos, the community, the food, the beauty of the surrounding hills, the green, the fruit, the foraging, the new friendships, swimming in and enjoying the warm clear beautiful Aegean sea, the stones, the visits we took, so much to see, all so new, so different…” — Teresa Y, Essex, England

“It was such a privilege to discover the depths of love and compassion and the real value of The Work. All of us were touched and transformed…it was an amazing week. ” — Bridget L-M, France

Visit Tamara Alferoff’s home page for more information.

For those of you who are new to “The Work of Byron Katie”, here is Byron Katie herself to explain How to End Suffering.