Mindfulness retreat with Tineke van Reissen

Yoga, Energy-Breath, Hypnosis and Mindfulness Retreat     (Kissos Campus)

12 – 22 August 2018                  €675 (10 days)

For people on the move who want a break, some space and a deep experience. A revitalizing journey for body and soul. We will practice yoga / breathe every morning. It gives us a more supple and stronger body, providing proper nutrition to all internal organs, strengthing the immune system and increasing personal presence.

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The breath is a bridge between the body and the soul. Thus Energy-breath and how we breathe makes a direct connection between mental and physical well-being.

It is necessary to free ourselves regularly from stress in the body to remain physically and mentally healthy. Breathing teachers remind us that breathing is one of the strongest regeneration processes we have available today.

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  • In the afternoon / evening we’ll practice Mindfulness and Healing. I will provide a general introduction to hypnosis as well to increase physical and mental well-being. Mindfullness is a valuable technique for stress reduction. It is also a method of finding silence and power in ourselves. We become more sensitive to the body’s own intelligence.
  • Peace is nothing that you find outside yourself, it’s something you carry with you”.I will offer some simple healing methods to use on family and friends. We will also learn self-hypnosis during the retreat. Deep Relaxation with Hypnosis is a tool for creating fast and powerful changes. It can also help us with our motivation and creativity.       

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A diploma will be offered to participants at the end of this 10 day course which will allow you to run your own meditation courses should you wish to do so. 

What people have said about this retreat:

“I clearly notice that something has happened to me. I have managed to set limits, feel more confident. It’s as if I’ve got a whole new power coming from within.”– Anne C, Oslo, Norway.

“Relax, be silent, We have to learn to fill up from within – if not we will be in need from without”.


Morning: Yoga, Breath and hypnosis


Sharing after breakfast

Evening: Mindfulness meditation, Healing and different exercises.

For those interested I can give a session with PandoraStar meditation lamp. (See photo.)

Deep meditation, Energy work, Relaxation, Wellbeing, Stress management, Anxiety reduction, Depression management, Sleep improvement, Learning, Cognitive Enhancement, Creative visualisation, Self-hypnosis, Personal development, Shamanic journeying.


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