8 — 15 JUNE ’18

€ 350*

Do you sense you need new ways to connect with others and stir them to action? This workshop draws on some of the latest ideas in creative communications to help you refine your message and become more confident in delivering it. The facilitator has experience applying these methods with campaign groups, social entrepreneurs and the leadership of a major political party. Each day includes a minimum of a 2-hour workshop after an optional hour of gentle yoga to help settle and refresh your mind.

Schedule of the week:

Advocating with Narrative*. Saturday. Participants will learn the power of structure of narratives used for social change. This will draw upon the latest communications theories and experience in the front line of British politics in 2017.

Improvisational Theatre.* Sunday: This workshop is intended as a fun way to stimulate attentiveness to our social interactions and promote spontaneity. This session will draw on the approaches learned and practiced with the Ubud Improv group.

Public Speaking with Story.* Monday: This session will draw on methods of leadership development learned and practiced at Harvard and Cumbria Universities.

Authenticity and Soul.* Tuesday: A sharing of different philosophies on what constitutes
authenticity in both being and communicating.

Improvisational Theatre.* Wednesday: As above, with this workshop focusing on how people relate as members of a group.

Communications Coaching. Thursday: Throughout this day Professor Bendell will be available to work with each participant 1-2-1 on their personal communication objectives, to hone relevant personal, organisational and/or societal narratives.

Handing over the center to a new group. *Friday: Depature day, like the group before had prepared the rooms for your group,  participants, guests and volunteers of this week will prepare the center and the rooms for the new arriving participants. With a fresh morning energy the teamwork starts after breakfast at 9:30am and takes about 1 – 1/2 hours.

View from the balcony of the retreat center

Additional sessions on framing, narrative, and leadership communications will be arranged during the week depending on the nature and interests of the participants. These can be scheduled on the Sunday or Monday if participants cannot attend the full week. Contact the facilitator on email via drjbendell@gmail.com if interested in additional sessions specific to your communication goals.

In each of the sessions *starred*above, the dozen volunteers of Kalikalos will be invited to join the workshops.

Additional to these sessions will be conversations with tutors, volunteers and other participants on related topics, during community meals, forest walks and beach visits. Ecstatic Dance and a Taverna evening are also arranged. The wonderful wild beach is a 20 minute walk away.

The sessions will last two hours each and be facilitated by Professor Jem Bendell with support from Matthew Slater. The optional daily hour of restorative yoga is suitable for all levels and with a focus on gentle body awareness rather than fitness.

You will be asked by  the community to contribute about 4 – 6 hours/week to some center tasks, mainly help to prepare breakfast, cut vegetable for the evening meal or join the washing up team. Those tasks are an opportunity for community building and can be great fun!

Afternoons are leisure time – to enjoy marvelous beaches, to dive into a wild untouched nature with great hiking paths and waterfalls…..   or just hang out in a hammock to rest….

Friday, the 1st day, is our arrival with check-in, registration and the welcome meal in the evening. Dialogue and reflection will begin after dinner with an opening circle. The 2nd day includes a welcome circle with our hosts, the volunteers of Kalikalos.

*Prices: include the workshops plus full accommodation with 3 daily vegetarian meals (except for one evening out in a Taverna) is €350. Single room supplement €150, if you choose a tent space we offer 10% discount. All rooms are en suite with sea views and/or balcony. That price covers the costs of Kalikalos and is set at a low price to enable participation from activists. Please enquire if you need a scholarship.