3 – 10 September
from €470 – €770


*** This workshop is now fully booked ***


A journey into deeper connection with ourselves using Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Nature Connection and Embodied Movement Awareness



Take a pause out of your daily life, immerse yourself in stunning nature, drop into deeper connection with yourself, be inspired and energized, and leave this magical land having reawakened your creative potential for life.

During this experiential week we will use various techniques and tools to delve into and explore our innate creativity and aliveness. If you’re in need of some inspiration, feeling stuck or burnt out, in need of replenishment, or just wanting to play and explore creatively, then this workshop is for you.

The focus of this week is deepening connection, reflecting back, visioning forward, creating, dreaming, exploring, playing, journeying together. Supported by the land around us we will explore and navigate different landscapes through use of creative expression.

Some of the tools we will be working with are:

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is the predominant tool we will be working with. It enables us to express through imagery what words cannot convey. It is a powerful way of connecting to our inner world and can be a transformational tool for self growth. Art therapy also enables us to play with and explore different possibilities and ways of being. We will be working with drawing, painting, writing, clay, collage, nature, metaphor, visualisation and the imagination.


Mindfulness allows us to connect to the present moment and explore our current experience, letting go of judgement. When we allow ourselves to just be with whatever is arising in us, there is a surrendering into letting go. A sense of spaciousness can emerge. From this space our creative potential can be realised. Mindfulness practice will be interwoven with creative expression throughout the week.

Embodied Movement

Embodied process and expressive movement support us to drop more deeply into our bodies and express our innate creative potential.  We will be working with movement to support creative expression throughout the week. This process holds the potential to unblock and dissolve some of the obstacles that hinder our natural flow.


The Pelion region is an area of outstanding natural beauty. With the mountains, sea and lush vegetative landscape around us we will be able to use nature to support us in dropping more deeply into connection with ourselves and the creative process. We will use inspiration and nourishment from nature, and work with nature as a creative medium.

How Will the Week Be Structured?

During the week, we will work individually, in pairs, triads and as a larger group. There will be a balance of personal exploration and group interaction. Silence and music will be used to support the creative exploration.

Workshops take place in the morning, leaving plenty of time for relaxation, respite and integration in the afternoon. The surrounding area is stunning, so participants often choose to go off exploring or just surrender into deep relaxation by the sea.


Who is This Workshop For?

  • Anyone wanting to connect more deeply to themselves
  • Anyone wishing to explore their creativity
  • Anyone in need of some soul nourishment
  • Anyone wanting to play!
  • Psychotherapists and counsellors who want to access their creativity and experience an embodied and creative way of working
  • Art Therapists wanting to refuel their creative fire

No experience of artistic talent is needed for this workshop – just a willingness to explore!

The week will be nurturing, playful and expansive; with plenty of time for quiet reflection and creative play.  Come and be nourished and enlivened by journeying into your deepest creative self.

*Prices include yoga workshops plus full accommodation, 3 daily vegetarian meals (except for one evening out in a Taverna): tent space €470,  triple room €520, twin room €620, single room €770. All rooms, except of the triple, have en suite bathrooms and balcony with a great sea-view.


Comments from Past Participants

“This retreat was a magical experience. Charlotte has a very calming, reassuring presence which means that she is able to create a space that feels both creative and safe. I can’t recommend her creative retreat highly enough. It allowed me to get in touch with myself and explore parts of my personality that I had either forgotten or buried in a way that was profound but also joyful. Working with Charlotte gave way to healing, play and self-expression in ways that I had not anticipated and I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with such a talented, warm-hearted and professional facilitator. Thank you.”
— Faye R, London, HR director and consultant

“Charlotte’s presence is healing. Her curiosity, open-mindedness and passion for the human experience not just allowed my feelings to be validated, but also cherished, as though they might be a gateway to something wonderful. She is honest and faithful; with genuine talent for the human transformation process. ”
— Paul M, Liverpool, England