10 — 15 September
€335— 550*

After many years of practicing dance on stage in different countries, and a long exploration of the                                                               therapeutic dance movement,


we propose to enjoy a marvelous space of land and sea, in the wild Pélion wilderness, to develop the potentials of movements, our own intense dance while going towards the care of the body. By leaving free the forces of creativity, it will be necessary to let emerge its own gesture and its interior personages in this practice of improvised dances, playful and expressive.

We will also bring to meditate outside with the natural forces and blossom the whole of our body / mind in this journey of exploration and we will propose specific exercises related to water …

Body Care / Relaxation: 

The more relaxed a body is, the better it will be placed and the better we will use it. By exercising alone and with others, we relax the body while heating the muscles. Through a fine and conscious listening of each part of the body, the movement will be able to recharge, generate well-being, inner peace and self-healing.


Emphasis will be placed on certain technical references: around the axes, supports and awareness of the centers of stability and movements (balance-disequilibrium), muscular chains of the body while specifying certain anatomical and physiological reference points.

Micromovements in consciousness / Sensitive and intuitive listening of the movement : 

From an inner view, from the breath, the sensations and the perceptions of the body, we listen to a free circulation and a natural direction of the movement. We give “space”, of matter, a tactility to our displacements. Let slowly move the movements that will soften us, streamline any circulation but also connect us to ourselves, our intimate sensitivity and the environment.

Improvisation in group and individual expression : 

To express our inner being step by step in listening to oneself, to trust the intuition of the “not wise”, to the voluptuousness of the movement, while reinforcing the presence and the concentration of each one.

Choreographic and musical development : 

We will pay particular attention to music and rhythms, to their perceptions so that the dance comes to work with the whole group based on guided proposals. Finally, in a more demonstrative form, the emphasis will be on the dimension of memory, always in the pleasure of movement.

Invitation to speech and symbolization : 

To work and deepen the dimension of communication, from relationship to other, moments of exchanges and feedback will be proposed.


The 10th is arrival day with check-in in the afternoon, registration and the welcome meal at 20:30. From the 11th onward the workshop takes place in the morning from 09:30 – 13:30, the afternoons are beach time! Depature day is the 15th after breakfast and check-out.

*Prices:  Workshop plus full accommodation incl.3 vegetarian meals daily (except of one evening when we eat out at a taverna) in a tent €335, in a triple room €370, in a twin room €440, in a single room  €550.