8 — 15 JUNE ’18

€ 470 – € 770*


The emerging realisation that climate change is becoming a destructive tragedy, not just an urgent challenge, is bringing a sense of profound disorientation for many people. How are we to feel? What are we to do? What might become the purpose of our lives and work if we consider disruptive climate change as now inevitable?

You are warmly invited to join us for a week of dialogue and reflection, with the aim of gaining a clearer sense of how meaning can re-emerge in full acceptance of the climate tragedy. We will explore dimensions of an emerging “deep adaptation” agenda, drawing on the lived experiences and various stories of each participant, and a range of wisdom traditions.


This retreat is for you if you:

• work on sustainability in some form and are questioning your motivation and future,
• want to explore implications of climate disruption in depth with supportive peers,
• sense that a week in community and nature could support your transition.


View from the balcony of the retreat center


The disorientation felt due to an awareness of our climate tragedy can lead to withdrawal and loneliness. Therefore, our intention for this retreat is to bring fellow travellers together to develop a new sense of purpose and community. Within a safely held and gently facilitated space, we hope to enable and discover insight on finding meaning, priorities and joy amidst tragedy. We anticipate you might feel inspired and supported to host future gatherings of peers on the deep adaptation agenda.

The retreat is hosted within an intentional community which lives lightly and beautifully on the verdant green and blue shores of the Aegean. The food is mostly locally sourced, all homecooked and vegetarian. A stunningly wild beach is a 20-minute walk away, while old villages are nearby through forests.

You are invited to bring a reading, practice or insight to share that is helping you to explore meaning after sustainability. You will be given pre-reading from the www.Dark-Mountain.net collection within your ‘preparation pack’ for the retreat. Its founder Dougald Hine will lead one session by video link.


sea blue


Friday, the 1st day, is our arrival with check-in, registration and the welcome meal in the evening. Dialogue and reflection will begin after dinner with an opening circle. The 2nd day includes a welcome circle with our hosts, the volunteers of Kalikalos. From the 3rd day onward our rhythm will flow as follows:

  •  8:30 – 9:30am Breakfast
  •  9:30 – 9:45am Opening talk (30mins) and discussion
  •  9:45 – 11am Two or more participants share a resource (text, art, other)
  • 11:00 – 11:30am Drinks, break
  • 11:30 – 12:30 Group Activity (typically in pairs, threes or fours)
  • 12:30 –  1:00pm Closing Circle
  •  1:30pm Lunch
  •  2:30 – 6:00pm Free time for reflection (beach, forest, villages)
  •  6:30 – Karma Yoga  (supporting the community)
  •  8:00pm Dinner
  •  9:15 – 10:30 Optional evening activities (some activities such as Ecstatic Dance on Tuesday evening are organised at nearby centres)

On one of the days the morning session will involve a walk. The flow of the daily sessions above is indicative; actual activities will be woven organically from the programme above in response to the emergent needs and wishes of the group.

Prices: include the workshops plus full accommodation with 3 daily vegetarian meals (except for one evening out in a Taverna). One week in a tent € 470, triple room € 520, twin room € 620, single room € 770. All rooms are en suite with views and/or balcony.