17 — 22  August ’18
€ 395 
— 685

DEEPENING LOVE – DEEPENING COMMUNITY with Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker

ZEGG-Forum Workshop

An intensive workshop on ZEGG-Forum & community building with an emphasis on the foundational issues of Love, Partnership and Eros. Train with Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker, long term teachers of Forum at the ZEGG-Community in Germany. In building community social issues like conflict resolution, transparency, awareness, rank and love are key.

During this reflective workshop Ina and Achim will help you explore your personal truths about Love & Eros as you move towards a better realization of mature love that wants to give, rather than take. We will use the “Four phases towards mature love” of Wilfried Nelles. This awareness training is a deep and intimate process designed to build trust and transparency leading towards a peaceful culture of high human and ethical values.

PEACE BUILDING is not about compromises as commonly understood, but it is about truths and being honest about ones truth. Then it will be indispensable to get in touch with our real inner feelings. From there we can start listening deeply to others in a safe social setting with open hearts.
Faith means: “I want to know who you really are” and it means the decision to follow my ones inner love and to stop running away. We will train deep listening and sharing in the healing and powerful setting of ZEGG-Forum.

In this experiential workshop we will spend some time learning how ZEGG Forum works, then we will dive in, deep. Experience the magic of a group of individuals merging into a short-term community, building trust with every person who shares their inner values and dares to be seen.
All levels of experience welcome.


The aim of ZEGG-Forum is to reveal whatever is authentic, alive and true. It creates a space of trust, openness and transparency between people. A person connected with his or her own inner truth, no matter how wounded, is always beautiful and the process will create love. Being vulnerable and honest to share inner truth in a gentle community context will reveal to us how “Seeing deeply is loving”. As all living systems operate by feedback, a gem of Forum is loving feedback from others in a safe community container. We call this essential feedback „mirrors“.
More information at: www.zegg-forum.org

The workshop is being held in English!

The 17th is arrival day with check-in in the afternoon and the welcome meal at 20:30.

* Prices include workshop and full accommodation. All rooms except of one triple have en suite bathrooms and balcony with seaview. Accommodation in tent €395, in triple room €435, in twin room €535, in single room €685.

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