In 1986, Henk occupied the chair of Foundation of Mathematics and Computer Science Nijmegen University, The Netherlands. He studied at Utrecht University mathematical logic obtaining his Master in 1968 and his Ph.D in 1971, both cum laude under Dirk von Dalen and Georg Kreisel. After a postdoc period at Stanfort University he held positions at Utrecht University and was visiting scholar at Darmstadt, Zürich (RTH), Siena and Kyoto, and professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Barendregt is known for his work in lambda calculus and type theory. Since 1986 he is professor at Nijmegen University, where he and his work on Formal Mathematics, a technology based on the idea of AUTOmated verification of MATHematics program of N. G. De Bruijn, For a list of results see the list of Freek Wiedijk.