I’m a Biodynamic Body Psychotherapist and Massage therapist. I have a background as a Yoga teacher and Mindfulness Practitioner. I’m also into Buddhist Meditation and I am a member of the Diamond Approach (or Ridhwan School of A.H. Almaas).

I’m deeply interested in the art of being and how we can disengage from our (mostly suffering) personalities and become more attune to our true nature. Massage, therapy, meditation, yoga and other mindful movements are all part of that path. At the moment I’m particularly interested in the role of the ‘Inner Critique’ or ‘Judge’ that can make our lives miserable and how we can disengage from that little voice in our head.

I’m offering deeply relaxing and therapeutic Biodynamic Massage sessions, body-oriented psychotherapy and spiritual counselling, if you feel you’d like to explore that side of yourself more and/or could do with some support in that area. I teach meditation, mindful movement and a gentle Yoga practice with lots of rest and sensing practices.

In all of this, the main ingredients will be: breath (!), humour, compassion and the trust in our self-healing potential.