Esther Janssen

is a trainer, coach and tantric dance teacher based in The Netherlands. She works with entrepreneurs who experience stress. She coaches them how to listen to their body in order to become vital, do the things they really want to do, improve their relationships in work and private life and increase their confidence.

She also leads Tantric Dance workshops and trainings using dance and the body to become aware. In this dance one person leads and the other who follows is blindfolded. This dance teaches you about leadership, guiding, longing, surrender, trust and your patterns in contact with the other.

What she offers this summer in Alexandros is:

• Tantric Dance workshops. In this playful workshop you learn about your male and female energy and get insight in patterns and beliefs you have in intimacy. It will give you the opportunity to experience with new behavior. You don’t need a partner or to be an experienced dancer.
Contribution: € 7,50. This will be announced at the different centers.

• A reading session. By reading your energy field you will get answers to the questions you have in your life. At the same time I will invite you to feel what is inside of you. This session will provide you with new insights and the opening to change your old patterns and beliefs. 1-1,25 hrs € 35,–
For more information (in Dutch):
Feel like making an appointment call me on: 31 6 138 52 228 or email: