Bioenergetic Alchemy™.

For more than two decades Seth has been practicing  and exploring Bioenergetic Alchemy.
It is known as  and has its origins in the bodywork philosophies that emerged originally from Alexander Lowen and John Peirrakos (the founders of Bioenergetics) and their interpretations of Reich, Freud and Jung.
He first discovered Bioenergetics in group therapy sessions in 1994, Pune, India. And in the Active Meditations of the Indian Mystic Osho.
He  later deepened my knowledge of Bioenergetics with therapists & teachers like Guy Gladstone and Amadis Camell at the Open Centre, the longest running personal growth centre in the UK.
He teaches today an adaptation and development of my studies over the course of 7 years of therapy and trainings at the Open Centre.
The work that he will be bringing to Kalikalos is life affirmative, body centred humanistic growth work. and can include dance/movement, group work, conscious relationships (Tantra), Chi gong, Eco-therapy, Breathwork, Trauma Release and Active Meditation.”

About Seth Newman

As founder of the URUBU School of Transformational Arts, he integrates the roots of Humanistic therapies, Bioenergetics & Body Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology and Tantra in creative and life-transforming workshops, retreats and trainings. His studies in the therapeutic use of the Arts, Reichian body psychotherapy, Bioenergetics and somatic movement infuse his approach to living a creative, holistic & embodied life.

His qualifications range from MA Community Music from Goldsmiths, University of London, Certificate in the Therapeutic Use of the Arts from IATE, London and is a Certified Pulsing Bodyworker. He is a graduate of the Humanistic Alchemy Facilitator Training at the Open Centre, London which is accredited by the Institute for the Development of Human Potential (IDHP). And is one of the few trained Art of Being© teachers in the UK (having trained with Jan Day over the course of 7 years).

Over the course of twenty years he has explored and trained in a wide variety of psychotherapeutic modalities including Primal therapy, Encounter therapy, Bioenergetics (Gut Galdstone) & Core energetics (Amadis Cammel), Authentic Movement (Tim Brown), Non-Violent Communication, Enlightenment Intensive, Reichian Bodywork (Micahel Gavin), Holotropic Breathwork, Shamanic Plant Medicines, Group Therapy and 1-to-1 psychotherapy.

He is a pioneer of Ecstatic Dance in the UK forming the URUBU Collective and running regular workshops and events in Central London for many years.

He has lead free-form movement in festivals headlining at ColourFest, Festival of Life & Into the Wild Festival. Over the years, Seth has collaborated with many artists and musicians to bring the art and healing power of music onto the dance floor and beyond.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, he is continuing his training in London to be a Body Psychotherapist.