2022 Season

The first thing that strikes me in Kalikalos Anilio is the beautiful nature. The house and facilities are nestled in the woods and designed to live in balance with the local flora and fauna. The core team/leaders hold the community ethos of compassion, intention and equality with care, knowledge and experience. I feel at my most calm and joyful and my longings for contribution, learning, purpose, connection, play and adventure are met in this community and the Pelion area.

– Candy Balfour, Volunteer

I really enjoyed the community practices, especially the teamwork in the kitchen, the dinner circle and the extra activities, such as singing by the sea at Papa Nero beach, going to the waterfalls, and eating in the Taverna. It really strengthened the feeling of community.

– Anonymous Community Guest

I loved being in such beautiful nature and meeting a diverse bunch of interesting and beautiful people. I also loved that I felt I could be authentic and honest.

– Lisa Grezo, Workshop Leader

The place in Kalikalos is like a part of a heaven! There you have the opportunity to meet wonderful people from all over the world. You can connect with each other by heart. I think that somehow the place lets emerge our best selves. So everyone in the community is calm and has softness, durability and tolerance! I feel there that i can really have deep and authentic connections!

– Calliope Savranidou, Workshop Participant

This is the first time I have experienced community living like this so I came with an open mind and no expectations. If I had, had any expectations it has exceeded them all. My first experience of the Sharing Circle was surprising and refreshing. To bring all your feelings to the circle and share them so openly was something so new to me. It was humbling. I was unsure how to be so open but just went with the flow, which felt good and liberating. I also so enjoyed the volunteering. Being part of the community all working towards keeping Kalikalos running smoothly, having daily tasks to do and share with others was great. I felt honoured to be part of this magical retreat. No clock was needed as my life was ordered by bells and drumming calling me for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. It always brought a smile to my face. Meal times were great as so enjoyed the food and sharing meals together. The structure in place to keep everything organised and running smoothly was very good.

– Becca Cook, Volunteer

I love the community experiences and communications, even when it was difficult it was open and understanding.

– Lindy Vosper, Facilitator in Residence

Being part of the community and feeling like the community is interested in spending time and hearing about the experience of the participants. What I also enjoyed and appreciated was that everything was very well thought through and somewhat organized, but in a very serene matter – explaining the shifts, the community rhythms, tuning in and out, dinner circle, the explaining of the kitchen area, the rides up and down to the beach, etc… I appreciated all of this a lot and it made me feel cozy and relaxed!

– Hannah Güntert, Workshop Participant

The place/ nature is amazing, people were so lovely, volunteer work was enjoyable (not too many hours a day) and such tasks I enjoy doing anyway. Pizza and taverna nights and little trips outside were a lot of fun. All those random acts of kindness, and effort put in little things to make people feel good and uplift their spirit obove the everyday life mood. Pip, Nina and Doro really rock!😍

– Tuire Matikainen, Volunteer

Previous Seasons

This was my second visit at Kalikalos and once again it was fulfilling and inspiring. The beauty of the location, the forest and the tents, the grass and the vegetable garden, the fact that living at Kalikalos is as much as possible technology-free and follows the natural rhythm of day and night, together with the interesting people I met during my stay, made my ten days special and unforgettable. Thank you for everything and I hope we meet again.

Lydia Konsta, Community Guest

I found my stay as a guest at Kalikalos Anilio very much a life-altering experience. Over the course of my time there, I learned about the importance of slowing down and taking stock of myself and others around me. I left the community with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence. I still miss the garden, the summer sounds and the camaraderie around the table during meals.

Michael Stuchberry, Community Guest

I had one of my nicest years ever in Pelion this year (and it’s a high bar) – unexpectedly, because I thought not being at Kissos, and not being with the crowd I normally hang out with, and being in July – would be less fun. But I enjoyed being a volunteer for a week – a new experience for me which did give me a closer insight into the background work that goes on and bonded me better with people from working more together – as well as being a community guest. Having my own room (and a really nice one) felt like a fantastic luxury. Anilio was a fine location – I enjoyed being able to walk down to the beach and back. And there were lots of lovely and interesting (if sometimes a bit strange, but that’s ok!) people and activities. And great food and conversation and dancing and chess games, etc., as ever.

Guy Russell, Volunteer and Community Guest

Thinking back to Kalikalos gives me a comforting feeling. It feels like going back to a home-like place, where you are welcomed and taken as the one you are. We had days of fun and joy, days of recreation and peaceful silence, days of productive ideas and work and such very communicative, easy going ones. We had days of sun and -in September- days of rain, too, when the cats claimed their places on the couches and we hid veggie-chopping (and story-telling) under the roof, looking forward to the warm meals in good company. I always felt heard and respected the way I am and people and the place gave me a safe space to be myself and to take time to go deeper with the journey to myself.
Thanks to all the people who let this happen and who contribute to it!

Svenja Mayer, Volunteer

My stay this summer in the House of Centaurs, in Anilio, filled me up with the sensation of travelling around the world and arriving home, at the same time. I felt safe and happy in the arms of nature, while enjoying the multicultural experience of community life. I’ m still carrying this feeling in my heart every moment, wherever I am and it gives me courage for the winter. Thank you for the lifechanging experience. See you soon.

Myrto Minardou, Volunteer and Workshop Participant

Even if I am familiar with Kalikalos for a couple of summers, this year was the first time I joined Anilio team. I knew the place and its mosquitos, its dancefloor in the wood, the taste of the veggie garden and the smell of pizza night. I knew the candlelight of the sharing circle and the unique constellation of people almost every week.

I felt comfortable to meet new people, like the two Dutch guests who brought playfulness and laughter on the top of great help to build a platform. I felt appreciation to deepen my relationship with people I interacted with or joined their workshop in the past. I fell in love with a newcomer: Moustache/Tashi, a lovely, farty, black and white Greek cat. I enjoyed witnessing his interactions with human laps and Vision & Bojangles, the two white community cats.

I felt at ease with the team of the autumn camp, packing down smoothly and efficiently with time out like Argalasti market or Analepsi taverna hike. I felt belonging to Pelion with its spring waters I canyoned this year, its kalderimis I hiked, its secret beaches I swam, its tavernas I tested, its Greek I am struggling to learn.

I am happy to join the 2022 Anilio core team. I feel gratitude I crossed this place and to come again.

Nina Drops, Volunteer

We had a wonderful stay this year at Anilio. We all felt really nurtured and cared for by the whole community and although smaller in numbers than previous years, we took this as an opportunity to spend well needed time relaxing and nourishing ourselves on all levels. The dance was so potent here under the forest canopy and we cherished the time spent together in person as a balm for our weary spirits, and of course The Pelion is the most magical, beautiful, place with its crystal clear waterfalls and velvety sea. I love KaliKalos! Thank you everyone for making us feel like family.

Rebecca Hanscombe, Workshop Leader

Best place to calm down in the middle of the nature and close to real Greece.

Konstantina Albrecht, Workshop Participant