Angeliki Bitzaraki

Angeliki Bitzaraki’s Bachelor studies were in Social Anthropology. She was then trained in the non-directive intervention (NDI) approach before she received her MSc in dance movement psychotherapy in Scotland. As a qualified dance movement psychotherapist she has experience in working with children with psychosocial needs, people with chronic pain, autism and psychiatric issues. She lives in Thessaloniki working with adults in the psychosocial rehabilitation sector and with children and adolescents with special needs. She also offers psychotherapeutic sessions in private practice and facilitates groups for personal growth. She has collaborated with health professionals supporting them in their work with people who face social exclusion and teaches expression and movement in a theatre team.

Contact for more information

Angeliki Bitzaraki: Tel: 0030 697 213 1847

Events with Angeliki Bitzaraki

Dance movement therapy workshop : The emergence of desire
August 12, 2020

Spiti ton Kentavron , Anilio, Pelion Mountain  for a seventh consecutive time This will be a week informed by principles of dance movement psychotherapy that will center our attention to the emergence of desire. The body and its movement will be the territory and the compass for the exploration of listening, acknowledging, expressing and implementing our desires and needs.  The experience of focusing to the embodied being can reveal a body intelligence that has a more direct, intuitive relation to…

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