Rebecca Hanscombe

Rebecca Hanscombe is Director of the school of Ecstatic Movement which trains teachers in Ecstatic Awakening Dance, a passionate & knowledgeable Shamanic Practitioner & co-founder of the Wild Chocolate Club. She has 22 years of experience of holding sacred space in a way that is heart centred, humorous and powerful. Merging practical spirituality with a sense of the sacred. She weaves these rich and heart centred practices into workshops and retreats to an international audience in the UK and throughout Europe.

“I believe that Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ is the fastest, safest most fun way to get out of the thinking of the head and into the feeling of the body. When I dance I create a space for miracles to happen, the rhythm of the music, my heart and the universe becoming one. Stripped down I become naked and innocent like a child, open to the love and joy that resides at my core”.

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