Kasia Sikora

Kasia Sikora is a Rebirther-Breathworker with 32 years of experience and Family constellations practitioner trained in the UK. Polish , childhood spent in Egypt, living in London, trained in many healing modalities but Rebirthing and constellations are passion, love, long-standing friends, meditating last 30 years, working with dreams which are becoming a side effect of conscious breathing,all year round swimmer in lakes, winter swimming even more added to the blessings of breath, run groups, and her one to one practice  in London works with adults, teenagers , did run breath groups with children,featured many times in UK papers, radio and tv, translated one of the first books on breath into Polish 30 years ago, Loves  Poland  Loves UK loves Greece, applying her techniques in everyday life, went through dark night of the soul and breath was her guide.

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