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Dance movement therapy workshop : The emergence of desire

With Angeliki Bitzaraki

July 28 - August 4, 2021


Spiti ton Kentavron , Anilio, Pelion Mountain

for an eighth consecutive time

This will be a week informed by principles of dance movement psychotherapy that will center our attention to the emergence of desire.

The body and its movement will be the territory and the compass for the exploration of listening, acknowledging, expressing and implementing our desires and needs. The experience of focusing to the embodied being can reveal a body intelligence that has a more direct, intuitive relation to our existence.

In a safe, non judgmental, positive and encouraging framework the group will enrich, support and secure any of its emerging needs while working on personal internal processes.

The work will respect the here and now.

Creative movement work and other expressive ways (art, sound, craft in individual, duo, group forms) will support this process.

This workshop is about a learning process of
• listening with care and attention to the body and its movement,
• deeply connecting with our body-self and
• creating ways for the desire to reveal itself.
• trusting personal rhythm and truth.
• finding positive, creative and playful ways of relating, sharing and exposing ourselves.
• exploring empathetic and compassionate relationships with others and nature.
• accompanying the process of realizing needs and desires.
• enabling the discovery of ways of being in groups that are supportive, empowering and creative.

The ultimate goal of this week is to open up the possibility of less closed/ego-centric conditions and more loving connections with the self, others and the environment.

The workshop’s theory, methodology and philosophy follows Lobrot’s non-directive intervening approach (of psychotherapy, pedagogy and group facilitation) and dance movement psychotherapy discipline. Thus, we look for ways and conditions to create positive experiences that enrich one’s resources and at the same time facilitate the emergence of desires for learning, communication, creativity and integration.

The aim is personal and group development through the emotional experience.

There is no need for any previous dance or psychotherapy experience.

The workshop aims to a personal development process, it is not a psychotherapeutic framework .

The participants will need to be in an alert state in order to work throughout their personal processes.

There is no need for any previous dance or psychotherapy experience.

Angeliki Bitzaraki is an experienced and qualified Dance Movement Psychotherapist and non-directive group facilitator. She will bring her knowledge, experience and training aiming to facilitate personal growth.

The workshop has a limited number of participants, book in advance

Workshop language: Greek and English (with parallel translation if needed)

*for more information about Dance Movement Psychotherapy: https://admp.org.uk/dance-movement-psychotherapy/what-is-dance-movement-psychotherapy/

*benefits of DMP: https://admp.org.uk/dance-movement-psychotherapy/benefits-of-dmp/


Angeliki Bitzaraki
Body/Movement oriented psychotherapist (MSc) Non-Directive Intervening Approach Social Anthropologist Angeliki is an active psychotherapist trained in the systematic and deep engagement of the body and its movement in the therapeutic process. She works in the mental health sector the last 15 years. Her way of facilitating group processes organically integrates Dance/Movement Psychotherapy and non-Directive Intervening principles. Methods and techniques are informed by current bodily informed research. Her therapeutic practice respects and links the verbal and non-verbal (bodily, expressive, creative) communication.…
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