In the summer of 2021 Kissos hopes to offer 12 weeks of living in community together from early June through August

Our Kissos campus is located in the beautiful Greek village of Kissos.  We offer programs that are both intellectually stimulating  and experiential in nature. They are themed around healing {self, society, planet),  interpersonal communication, personal creativity, sustainable economics and self-inquiry.

Set in a lovely hillside area overlooking the Aegean sea it experiences amazing sunrise views. Kissos is a village of fruit trees, flowers and greenery, carved out of the forest above the seaside and about 25 miles/35 km (an hour’s drive) from the city and port of Volos. At an altitude of 515 meters (1600 ft), Kissos evades the extreme heat, staying comfortably warm even in August. The village is notable for its 16th Century ornate Greek Orthodox church and its fine tavernas specialising in regional dishes.

Due to the easy walk to the village, the forest and daily rides to the beach this centre is the most suitable for those who are not able to walk so well or far.


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Kissos Campus Testimonials 2018

“Paula was wonderful and really was great about trying to adapt the menu to our family’s needs. The yoga was fabulous! Definitely felt improvement in our flexibility. We are definitely leaving more healthy than when we arrived. I really loved how everyone was so kind and friendly with our children.” K Mc Devit 21/8/18

“To spend a week in Kalikalos means to reconnect with myself, with old and new friends, expand myself, grow and be held by the magical Pelion, nurtured by the beauty around, the close Aegean sea and the shining sunshine. Thank you.” G Gogan, 19 July 2018

“Spending a whole week in Kalikalos has been a fantastic experience. I love the workshops in the yurts, the circle time, the singing. I felt very welcomed and nurtured. thank you.” M T King, July 19 2018

“Everyone welcomed me with open arms! I loved sharing in the cooking course  and meeting like minded and very friendly people. It really did feel like the group became family. I’m so happy I came across the Kalikalos website and was able to join you all. I learned a lot about community and about myself. I hope that I will be able to visit again.” Elise, July 4 2018.

“So grateful I came here! It exceeded my expectations. Thank you for sharing this unique, special & healing place.” M. Kram, 7.6.18

“The lovely and warm people in the community here at Kalikalos, it is really quite special.  Also the sea was unbelievably beautiful and healing. I love the village of Kissos and all the surrounding communities I had the pleasure of experiencing.”Rachel, 7/6/18

Kissos Campus Testimonials 2017

“Wonderful environment, lovely community experience, felt nurture and accepted by the core community. A well-run retreat with a grounded management team” S. Morton 2017

“Good energy of centre and place. Location is amazing -Kissos attractive village. Good collaborative and kinship feeling which is inspiring” J Murray, 2017”

“It’s really well run, clear structure and info, great staff and volunteers, thank you all for a brilliant week.” M. Sherlin, 2017

“Calm, friendly, warm community mood.  The healthy eating and preparation provided a safe space to re-open my heart.” A. Kyritsis, 2017

“I felt really supported throughout my stay here, even when I came across my blocks and this was truly wonderful, thank you so so so much for everything. felt truly resurrected and blessed.” I Astansk, 2017

“Harmonious atmosphere. Everyone working together, staff were great!” E. Kovaes, 2017

“I really enjoyed the workshop, conversing, interacting and connection with people in the workshop and among the guests and staff.” P. Jordan, 2017