Spring Community Building Weeks

Flexible Dates
Anilio Campus
Our Community Building Weeks are the first part of our Volunteer Programme before workshops start at the beginning of the season. Things are quieter with fewer people on-site and a focus on the setup and maintenance tasks needed to get ready for the coming season. This year our setup programme will run until 31st May 2019 and the weekly volunteer contribution is reduced to €75 (instead of €90) during these weeks. Some of our current projects include: Setting up the…

Dance Movement Psychotherapy: Personal Myth and the Moving Body

With Angeliki Bitzaraki

July 24 - 31, 2019
Returning for the sixth consecutive year! This will be a week informed by principles of dance movement psychotherapy that will encourage us to enter a journey of discovering personal myths through our moving body.  On mountain Pelion, a place full of its own mythology, this week-long workshop will aim to bring us in touch with and allow for movement-based creations that exceed simple storytelling.  We will see body-based myths as creating connections with our own roots and with the world we…

Saying Yes to the Gift of Life

With Kasia Sikora

August 3 - 10, 2019
We are gifted with life, yet sometimes instead of making a beautiful life, we are lost in making a living. You would be surprised how saying yes to life - a conscious yes, enables us to get into the flow of life, to open up to a new meaning of life. It has to be done not only on mind level but body and spirit. This workshop is designed for people who want to discover why there is a persistence…

Family Community Holiday

With Maria McCarthy

August 3 - 10, 2019
Kids and parents get the chance to run wild for a week of fun and friendship on the Family Community Holiday. Our mountainside forest community has a daily rhythm, which goes something like this. After a delicious buffet breakfast, we gather for songs, dancing and fun games. Later in the morning after a fruit break, we do arty crafty stuff together. Things we have loved are building a primitive pottery kiln, making and firing ceramics and helping a local family to…

Earth, Sea & Sky: 5 Rhythms

With Neil Pinnock

August 14 - 21, 2019
Join us on this workshop in the Greek sunshine. We will celebrate life and the body through the 5Rhythms dance & community living. Earth, Sea & Sky is a week of dance and exploration; an invitation to discover who we are when we are willing to turn up and participate in life and with each other.  When we take time out for ourselves we are able to tune in to our energy and the deeper rhythms of whom we are.…

Into the Woods – Yoga and Healing Arts Retreat

With Judith Grob and Janie Orrell

August 24 - 31, 2019
In Greek mythology, the Pelion region is considered the home of Chiron the centaur, who was the healer of the Gods. Inspired by the Pelion forest, the mountain, the waterfalls, the golden sun, and the sea, we will work with the elements of nature as we set out on a healing adventure combining yogic wisdom, visual arts, shamanism and play. Healing Practices  Yoga:  Each day will start with a gentle yoga practice which is suitable for all levels. The sessions will either be Sivananda Hatha Yoga with Janie, or Kundalini or Hidden Language Yoga with…

Playtime for Grown-Ups

With Alison Goldie

September 4 - 11, 2019
Come as you are to this vibrant and life-affirming course in which Alison Goldie will be teaching the art of improvisation. Through the playing of games and exercises which will stimulate, enlighten and amuse, this highly experienced teacher will hold the space for you to grow your confidence and creatively express yourself in new and exciting ways. Drawn from work which originally coached actors, improvisation is now an international phenomenon, and is played for its fun and life-skills by people…

Autumn Community Building Weeks

Flexible Dates
The Autumn Community Building Weeks is the last part of our Volunteer Programme after all of the workshops as we begin to pack things away and prepare the site for closure over winter. Things are quieter with fewer people on-site and a focus on packing away and maintenance tasks needed to get ready for winter ahead. This year our takedown programme will run from 11th Sept 19 until 30th Sept 19 and the weekly volunteer contribution is reduced to €75 (instead of €90) during these…
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