Amy McKinnon is the creator and founder of Fire Soul Women’s Circle. She has always been passionate about bringing women together and has a gift for recognizing true potential and power that women have as individuals and collectively.
Amy has facilitated a variety of groups and workshops for 15 years, including bereavement groups, teen and parent groups, healing the child-self, Balance of Divine Masculine/Feminine workshops, and relationship counselling. She has a gift for creating safe, welcoming space for others to be themselves, to feel encouraged to heal if needed, to find stillness, or to see what they have not been able to on their own. Most group and workshop participants have a changed energy about them after their experience, feeling freer, drawn to laughter more, and feeling a sense of re-connection with themselves causing natural movement in alignment with their intentions and goals.
Amy works on balance within herself every day. She lives encouraged by the natural drive of life that brings her to heal the imbalances of Masculine vs Feminine perspective, understanding that some of our societal ways of thinking are outdated. Amy feels compassion for this, and understands it takes time to unlearn old ways and patterns.
Amy is a mother of 3 inspiring teachers and great leaders of their day. Being a mother is her most favourite experience of being human!! She is so deeply in love with these three incredible people!! She shares in a balanced, ever-changing relationship with her husband of 16 years, and loves being deeply in love and sharing in such a beautiful, unconditional experience.
As a whole, Amy is inspired by the moments when people realize their greatness and can see they are more than the world has told them. She is a gatherer of community. A muse that inspires the greatest in all of us!!!
Amy welcomes you!!