I am currently running a small Permaculture Project in Northern Germany and training in vision-questing and coaching through connecting with Nature (Transformation in Natura).

I realised my inner healing attitude from an early age and I am now primarily ‘healing’ by supporting a process awareness around what is already happening with an empathic approach to self and others.

I have always been interested in transformation, a journey’s companion to life’s many processes.

I studied and practiced Classical Homeopathy in the UK for 25 years, as well as training and supervising homeopaths.

Since returning to Germany 10 years ago I have broadened my healing concept to include earth care, supporting soil health, our inner and outer interconnectedness with nature and how this impacts on all wellbeing.

Over the years I have added bits of wisdom from numerous sources including ‘Hakomi’ (Ron Kurtz), ‘Deep Democracy’ (Max and Ellen Schupbach) and from ‘Worldwork’ (Arnie and Amy Mindell) as well as others.

Community living has been a steady companion. I lived at ZEGG for 14 months and received some basic community awareness training there that continues to guide me in my participation in all the various communities I am involved with the most important being my family community. I am a mother and Grandmother.

In 2007 Linda and myself initiated ‘Midsummer Women’, an annual women’s camp in the Yorkshire Dales based on principles of ‘The millionth Circle’ by Jean Shinoda Bolan. This is an established space for women, self-organised and financed.

I have accompanied a number of community projects among them ‘Honolulu Leipzig’, a community project in Leipzig empowering young women to follow their calling beyond the conventional.

I seek to live the creative life in all her manifestations. I am also radical knitter and textile designer.